EV Pickups Leave You Cold? Check Out The Alpha Wolf

The folks at Alpha Motor Corporation in Cali have been busy looking ahead while looking backward. We say that because their prototypes are state-of-the-art electric vehicles, but they have retro looks. We’ve seen the Ace Coupe and Jax CUV now comes this latest called the Wolf. And it’s a pickup looking like a slick lifted mini-truck from the 1970s. If all of the EV pickups you’ve seen leave you cold check this out.

Alpha says its Wolf pickup will sell for $36,000 before incentives

Alpha wolf EV Pickup rear 3/4 view
Alpha Wolf EV Pickup | Alpha

Rather than finish with the price, that’s where we’ll start. Alpha says its Wolf pickup will sell for $36,000 before any incentives. While Tesla’s $39,000 claims for the price of the coming Cybertruck can’t be believed (especially with Tesla’s track record of price increases at launch) we hope Alpha can stick to its initial advertised price. Let’s see what that will get you.

The Wolf will feature a single electric motor and front-wheel-drive in standard form. An all-wheel-drive version sporting two motors are optional. The range will be around 25-275 miles with a towing capacity of 3,000 lbs. Zero to 60 times are 6.2 seconds. Alpha is looking at both a 75 kWh to 85 kWh battery to power the motors. 

The Wolf has a bed measuring out to be 5½-feet long

Alpha Wolf EV Pickup Truck bed with tailgate down
Alpha Wolf EV Pickup Truck | Alpha

The bed measures out to be 5½-feet long which equals the bed on most four-door pickups. But don’t forget, there is also room for storage where the engine would be on a conventional pickup. A cooling and heating system will be part of the battery system. No word on charging times although it has become almost mandatory to offer some sort of fast-charge capabilities. 

Outside we see a bull bar with attached fog lights and integrated indicator lights. A rear bumper guard and bedroll bars add those classic off-road touches. Available with either 16-or 18-inch wheels the prototype is sporting beefy mud-terrain tires. These are visually enhanced with those large fender flares that give the Wolf almost a Hot Wheels toy look about it. In all, it looks like a 1970s mini-truck with savvy aftermarket items sprinkled around. 

Alpha says the Wolf interior is designed for “replaceability.”

Alpha Wolf EV Pickup Truck black interior
Alpha Wolf EV Pickup Truck | Alpha

While the outside is mostly retro the interior, though a bit stark, is contemporary. Alpha says it is designed for “replaceability.” A premium audio system, two large screens-one digital for the instrument cluster and the larger one the center touchscreen. A center console visually ties into the center screen.

We keep referencing mini-trucks from the past and really the Wolf is within that realm measuring 188-inches long. That’s definitely mini truck territory. So this isn’t as large as a Tacoma or Colorado, but who says you need that anyway? Alpha says reservations have already begun with deliveries beginning in 2023. Keep your eye on Alpha for more fun EVs to come. 

Alpha Wolf EV Pickup Truck with solar panel in bed
Alpha Wolf EV Pickup Truck | Alpha

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