Does the Ram 2500 Have Android Auto?

The 2020 Ram 2500 boasts heavy-duty capabilities for any work, tow, or off-road lifestyle. Ram is offering a menu of six available trim levels along with three engines, two drivetrains, and variable chassis configurations. This means there’s a combination of 2500 HD for almost everyone. But what about tech, infotainment, and connectivity? Does the Ram 2500 HD have Android Auto? We reviewed the specs and checked reviews to find out.

Is Android Auto a must-have?

In today’s screen-centered lifestyles, having connectivity options in your vehicle is definitely a must-have for safe driving. Android device popularity has grown and converted many iPhone users. The Google Assistant platform, designed for compatibility with select vehicles as Android Auto, can mean Google comes with you on the road. For many, having voice command of calling, texting, maps, and music is a required function.

Some Android Auto FAQs

If the Android Auto feature is new to you, we thought we’d outline a few FAQs to help shed some light on how it works.

What phone requirements are needed to run Android Auto on my device?

Any Android device with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer with a data package is compatible to run Android Auto.

How do I connect Android Auto to my vehicle’s display?

For those vehicles that offer Android Auto compatibility, connecting is easy. Plug in the device via USB if it’s required or pair your phone with the Bluetooth feature in your vehicle. Once connected, your menu display will adjust automatically.

What can my Android Auto do?

Have your Google assistant wherever you drive and use controls or voice command to access all things tech and infotainment. Ask Google to help find nearby restaurants, or for real-time traffic updates on your commute. Make calls, respond to texts, and customize your music preferences, all without taking your eyes off the road.

Does the Ram 2500 HD have Android Auto?

You certainly have your choice of Ram 2500 HD trim levels. The Tradesman, Big Horn, Power Wagon, Laramie, Laramie Longhorn, and Limited all offer a variety of configurations, sizes, and amenities. Unfortunately, the Tradesman models do not come with Android Auto. With the vinyl flooring, manual windows, and a small 5-inch screen, the base models don’t have much in terms of features.

The upper-level trim levels bring on the optional equipment, though. For the Big Horn models on up, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are both available options. According to some expert reviewers, presenting these as optional selections is a disadvantage considering the connectivity platforms are standard on other trucks in the market.

Other tech and available infotainment features for Ram 2500 HD

Each trim level comes with an upgrade to available in-cabin amenities. You can expect top luxury extras for Laramie’s and Limited. Touch screens are larger than average with both 8.4-inch and 12-inch options. An added bonus, those touch screens can be navigated even while wearing your work gloves. You’ll also have tons of USB ports, availability for adjustable pedals, and 115-volt household-style outlets. If you need your Ram 2500 HD to be a mobile office, you’ll have cellular-based Wi-Fi connectivity too.

If you’re considering a Ram 2500 HD, they’re definitely worth a look. These beautiful beasts are built for performance and luxury and often look like entirely different trucks at each varying trim level and package application. But, when it comes to connectivity, don’t expect standard availability for the Android Auto features. As you build out the Ram of your dreams, be sure to include the trim levels that offer Google Assistant compatibility. It’s a tech must-have for drivers looking to leverage the hands-free best in connectivity.