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Usually, consumers rely on the feedback and reviews of the critics to help them sort through the various new vehicles on the market. After all, the reviewers usually consider themselves to be automotive experts and often put each vehicle through a series of road tests and benchmark comparisons. It’s these opinions and evaluations that can help educate people as they make their car-buying decisions.

But every once in a while, critics and consumers have a disagreement. And this year, it seems there are some conflicting sentiments about a few of Lincoln’s new SUVs. Such a conflict of opinion demonstrates that what consumers value can be different from what critics believe is important. And it’s a reminder that in the end, consumers will buy what they want.

A list of the most satisfying cars

Consumer Reports is offering a compilation list of the most satisfying cars. This roster of 10 vehicles is based on the organization’s consumer review-based data.

Among a few of those vehicles with the highest owners’ satisfaction ratings are the 2021 Lincoln Corsair and the 2021 Lincoln Aviator. When asked if they could do it all over again and if they would make the same purchasing decisions to buy or lease the same ride, a good amount Lincoln owners said “definitely.”

Which Lincoln SUVs are popular despite below-average official scores?

This Consumer Reports list is a little contradictory. The official scores for both the 2021 Lincoln Aviator and the 2021 Lincoln Corsair certainly don’t align with their consumer popularity.

Despite the positive ownership satisfaction results in the top 10 list, the Lincoln Aviator only ranks 18th out of 29 luxury midsized SUVs in Consumer Reports’ official scoring system.

And this SUV only earns one out of five stars in official reliability ratings. Similarly, the Lincoln Corsair earns the same official reliability rating and only ranks 11th out of 24 compact SUV models in its class.

Consumers will continue to buy what they like

This contradiction in vehicle ratings and consumer popularity reminds everyone that consumers will buy what they like, regardless of official critic reviews sometimes.

People value different vehicle traits and amenities, meaning the buying process is still rooted in personal preference. And in the case of the Lincoln SUVs, consumers aren’t too concerned with predicted reliability, which is often based on historical data about vehicle repairs, maintenance, and recalls.

Are Lincoln SUVs reliable?


The Most Complained About Lincoln SUVs

Unimpressive critic ratings and evaluations don’t necessarily translate to poor vehicles. And there is plenty to love about both Lincoln SUVs on this latest list. 

Edmunds endorses the 2021 Lincoln Corsair and says it offers a comfortable and quiet ride. The fuel efficiency is respectable, and the menu of standard safety features is robust.

Similarly, the 2021 Lincoln Aviator gets a few thumbs up, even with Car and Driver. Its review calls the turbocharged V6 engine “polished” and the reviewers love the Aviator’s curb appeal. And let’s not forget, these are Lincolns we’re talking about here.

Both of these SUVs come fully equipped with high-quality materials, upscale features, and plush driving experiences to the hilt. Both SUVs are also offered in a plug-in hybrid version and come loaded with driver assistance features as a standard.

When you’re ready to buy a new SUV, you might prefer to side with the opinions of fellow consumers and check out the Lincoln lineup. The Aviator and Corsair both are impressive enough that current owners admit they would buy again.

Should the critics have differing results in scoring and ranking, this Consumer Reports list is a reminder that the critics don’t always get it right. While their reviews are often helpful, the opinion of actual vehicle owners might carry more weight in your book.