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At the 2023 Japan Mobility Show this week, Suzuki sprung a number of concepts and near-production vehicles. Though the automaker isn’t coming back to the U.S. (at least not to our knowledge), if it did, these half-dozen or so examples would make for a great relaunch lineup. And we’ll throw in what it calls the “Four-Legged” vehicle for kicks. Take a look at them and see if you agree.

eVX Concept SUV

Green and black Suzuki eVX SUV concept
Suzuki eVX SUV concept | Suzuki

Said to be a preview of its next new EV coming out in 2025. We know that the show car-ish front will not make it to production. Nor will the giant wheels, but spy shots of the small SUV from Japan look pretty close to what we see here. 

Suzuki says the range should be over 300 miles, with electronic 4×4 features. Power comes from a 60 kWh battery. At almost 170 inches long, size-wise, it is about in line with a Toyota C-HR or Honda HR-V, so there is definitely a Suzuki U.S. market for it.

Spacia kei vans

Blue and black Suzuki Spacia kei van
Suzuki Spacia kei van | Suzuki

Suzuki also presented two Japanese kei-class vans, both of which look compelling, especially for those merchants that deliver inside city hubs. But they also work for young families needing space for kids and cargo.

The Spacia van has corrugated sides and an upright profile. It easily seats four and still has cargo space behind the rear seat. Or quickly fold them down for more lengthy needs. Overall, it is an exterior refresh of the current Spacia. It hits the kei car length and power caps of 133 inches with a 65 hp engine. 

Suzuki e-EVery concept van with blue graphics
Suzuki e-EVery concept van | Suzuki

The Spacia e-EVery is a high-top EV van for Japan. It is a collaboration with Toyota and Daihatsu, which signals they may get their own versions as well. The range estimate is 124 miles, which makes it a perfect delivery van for crowded Japanese areas like Shinjuku in Tokyo. 

eWX Mini Wagon EV

Silver Suzuki Spacia van front and rear views
Suzuki Spacia van concept | Suzuki

What Suzuki calls a “Mini Wagon EV” is a passenger or cargo van on the small side. Measuring 133.7 inches long, it’s 17 inches shorter than a Mitsubishi Mirage. Though we would like to see something like this test the waters for smaller American vehicles, it might be a stretch, or rather, need a stretch. 

MOQBA four-leg mobility

Suzuki MOQBA "four-legged" mobility walking concept
Suzuki MOQBA “four-legged” mobility | Suzuki

Suzukis says the MOQBA is “for next-generation mobility utilizing wheels and four legs for those who face barriers in transportation such as steps, even in a region with developed public transportation.” Changing the seat turns it into a Chair Mode, Standing Mode, or Stretcher Mode. While seeming whimsical, it would actually serve a good purpose on several fronts. We want one.


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