If US Got The Suzuki Jimny We Could Have A Baby Bronco, Too

Suzuki seems to have the corner on wacky, weird, small trucks we want. Why aren’t these sold in the US? They’re small, but not like those tiny golf cart electric maintenance trucks you see at nurseries and hotels. Those aren’t even legal for street use. Trucks like the Suzuki Jimny are. Now, there are conversion kits to turn them into baby Broncos. So, what’s the story with these anyway?

Before the early 1990s Suzuki sold vehicles in the US. Since then there have been no Suzuki truck sales here. Besides the well-known Jimny, it also built the “Mighty Boy” back in the 1980s. It was sort of a mini-Ranchero or El Camino. 

“Mighty Boy” Suzukis were the cheapest vehicle in Australia

These were sold in many countries including Australia, where it got a reduction in tax based on its small size and 550 cc engine. It was the cheapest vehicle you could purchase in Australia-A$ 5,795 in the mid-1980s.

Suzuki Sierra | Suzuki
Suzuki Sierra | Suzuki

There was also the Suzuki Sierra, which was a pickup version of the Samurai sold in the US. You might spot one occasionally as a few filtered over to the US. There is a new version of the pickup introduced in 2019.

2020 Suzuki Jimny | Suzuki
2020 Suzuki Jimny | Suzuki

An all-new Jimny debuted in 2019. With that, the Japanese aftermarket jumped in and so far has made two retro versions. One is the “Dronco” which if you can’t tell from the name is a take on the Ford Bronco. See, we said you could get a new Bronco right now. The other is the “Roots” with a look that reminds us of the first Jimny.

Damd Styling Effects makes the “Dronco” baby Bronco kits

2020 Suzuki Jimny | Suzuki
2020 Suzuki Jimny Dronco body kit | Damd

Made by a company called Damd Styling Effect, it’s a conversion kit. The kit includes a new grille, metal bumper, fender flares, and some trim pieces that mimic those found on the higher-end first Broncos. The rear bumper is the same as the front, and a ladder is also included. This attached to the rear for access to the roof. 

Suzuki Jimny Roots conversion kit | Damd

These latest concepts are not Damd’s first rodeo in the kit business. It has also made knock-offs of the Mercedes G-Wagen and also Land Rover Defender as kits for the Jimny.

Damd is working on making kits now, so this should be available before the real Bronco hits the streets later this year. But it’s all a moot point since the Jimny is not sold here. The only vehicle that Suzuki sells here now is the “Carry Mini.” Those are the landscape trucks you see at golf courses. These are not street legal in the US.