A Convoy of Ford Bronco Concepts Crashed the Easter Jeep Safari

As many may know, the annual Easter Jeep Safari just happened out in Moab, UT. This is an annual event in which Jeep shows off the coolest versions of upcoming models that we will never get to drive. It is a lot of fun and shows that Jeep still has some exciting ideas. However, this year, the Jeep Wrangler‘s rival showed up with five Ford Bronco concepts to crash the Safari. 

Ford just flexed on Jeep so hard

Although the Easter Jeep Safari is a very Jeep-centric event, plenty of other non-Jeep vehicles attend every year. However, this year a handful of Ford Bronco concepts showed up to flex on Jeep’s event. I won’t lie; that’s a baller move, Ford.

Five Ford Bronco Concepts showed up to the Easter Jeep Safari this week
Convoy of Ford Broncos | Ford

According to Road & Track, Ford showed up at the Easter Jeep Safari with five, never before seen Bronco concepts. To be more specific, four were full-blown Broncos, and one was a Bronco Sport. 

Each of these concepts resulted from collaborations between Ford and RTR Vehicles, ARB 4×4 Accessories, and 4-Wheel Parts. Unlike the Jeep Wrangler-based concepts, the Ford Broncos and the Ford Bronco Sport weren’t fundamentally different from production models. These were mostly stock trucks with piles of accessories and after-market bits to highlight how customizable the new Broncos are. 

The 2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport is more customizable than we thought

Again, these Broncos aren’t concepts in the way the Jeep Wrangler Magneto is, for example. Instead, these are meant to show the potential for outfitting a factory Bronco. 

The RTR Bronco is based on the Badlands trim package and has a custom grille with a roof-mounted light bar, a custom rear bumper, and rock rails on the side. There is also an overlanding-friendly refrigerator/freezer combo added inside. The whole package is wrapped in topography-themed decals and sits on RTR Tech-6 wheels wrapped in 35-inch tires. 


The 2021 Ford Bronco Takes Shot at Rivian With New Outdoorsy Accessory Packages

ARB also built a Bronco based on the Badlands trim. ARB slapped new front and rear bumpers on, H-D rock sliders, and a bright-red ARB differential cover. They also added one of their air compressors to run air tools and fill tires, if need be. ARB didn’t miss the opportunity to cover the Ford Bronco in a massive ARB logo livery. 

The 4-Wheel-Parts team came in strong with their Broncos. The first is based on the Black Diamond package and now sits on a new heavy-duty suspension. They also gave it a skid plate, a new front bumper, and a winch. The roof rack on top of this Bronco creation makes the whole unit look way tougher than a normal Bronco and has a tent and overhead storage. 

Make some room for the Ford Bronco Sport concept

The second 4-Wheel-Parts Bronco is the only Sport model to be found in this convoy of badassery. The Bronco Sport concept didn’t have quite as much going on as some of the others Broncos. The folks at 4-Wheel-Parts set it up with a different roof tent, storage, and a new spare tire holder. It also got a separate off-road wheel and tire package from the regular Bronco. 

Lastly, Ford decided to bring a Bronco based on the Outer Banks package built using the Ford accessories parts list. Ford added a windshield-mounted LED light bar, some spotlights, a custom trunk storage container, and the Bronco-branded luggage set. 

There is a lot to see here. As the Bronco can actually start hitting the roads and trails in more meaningful numbers, we will probably see even more off-road-centric accessories offered by Ford and other after-market companies. Regardless of what is to come of the Bronco, this was a pretty rad stunt that will most likely get a few people’s attention.