The 2021 Ford Bronco Takes Shot at Rivian With New Outdoorsy Accessory Packages

No one can accuse the 2021 Ford Bronco of being stingy with the trim levels, options, and accessories. The new Bronco has that same Jeep Wrangler quality about it by having so many options and add ons that it can be hard to find two Wranglers that look the same. Even with the four trims levels, a fully loaded Launch edition, and over 100 accessories, the Bronco is still trying to give you options in the form of five different accessory bundles. This time Ford seems to be going after the more Rivian, outdoorsy type with this new optional bundle. 

What kind of things can you add to the 2021 Ford Bronco? 

Ever heard of the kitchen sink? Much like that old idiom, the Bronco has it all. With over 100 add-on accessories, Ford has just announced that it will give customers a choice between five accessory bundles to help make the decision easier. 

What kind of accessory bundles can the Bronco get? 

2021 Ford Bronco Sport in a feild wearing the new Bike themed accessories bundle
2021 Ford Bronco Bike accessories bundle | Ford

According to Motor1, Ford calls these packages “lifestyle accessory bundles.” These bundles have been broken up into categories to make configuring your new Bronco a bit simpler. The five categories are; Snow, Water, Bike, Camping, and Cargo. The bundles are paired with Yakima gear to support whichever type you choose. As Motor1 says, the coolest part is that instead of paying for this gear after the fact, you can add it from the dealer, and it will just be on your car note. 

What comes in each bundle? 

The Snow bundle is aimed at assisting you with gear to support your winter sports activities. The bundle includes a Yakima hitch-mounted ski/snowsport rack, roof rail crossbars, and Ford all-weather floor mats. 

The Water bundle makes sure your Bronco is capable of supporting your water sports needs. This bundle includes a Yakima kayak carrier with locks, Yakima awning, roof rail crossbars, and Ford all-weather floor mats. 

The bike bundle includes a Yakima hitch-mounted bike rack (tilt, two-bike), roof rail crossbars, a Yakima roof rack-mounted basket (medium, with net), and Ford all-weather floor mats. 

2021 Ford Bronco Sport in a feild wearing the new Water themed bundle with kayaks
2021 Ford Bronco Water bundle | Ford

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The camping (the coolest) comes with the most intense gear of any of the packages. This bundle includes a Yakima Skyrise two-person rooftop tent, a Yakima awning, a roof rail crossbar, and Ford all-weather floor mats.

I’ll be honest, I don’t see the point of the cargo bundle, but it’s an option, so I’ll tell you about it. The cargo bundle includes a Yakima 16-cubic-foot roof-mounted cargo box, roof rail crossbars, and, of course, Ford all-weather floor mats. 

What if these aren’t the right fit, or you already have all-weather mats? 

Ford says that if these bundles don’t meet your needs, don’t worry; you can build your own bundle. The Bronco Sport has its own dedicated page for picking the accessories you want for it. At this moment, the site has 162 options to choose from. The gear ranges from different roof racks, tents, carriers, battery starter packs, and much more. 

Something tells me Ford isn’t messing around with its new Bronco and Bronco Sport. Color and aesthetic options out the nose, great new/vintage looks, and exciting new engine types make the Bronco one of the most exciting trucks we have seen in quite some time.