Convert Your New Bronco Or Defender Into This Carbon Fiber Camper

The anticipation for the new Bronco and even the Land Rover Defender is ramping up. It also true with the aftermarket who seems to be antsy to get new products out, in front of owners, and onto the SUVs. The problem is both the Bronco and Defender could be 18 months or more out before they start landing with owners. Nonetheless, for those owners thinking big they can convert their new Bronco or Defender with this carbon fiber camper.

Though it also is not available yet, GEHOcab is joining the wait-and-see club with its carbon-fiber campers. First, they look cool, and they conform to the main vehicle. It even says it will have them ready for Gladiator, Mercedes G-Wagen, Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Navara, and Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs, too.

GEHOcab started with a more traditional carbon fiber camper for Volkswagen Amaroks

The GEHOcab carbon fiber campers | GEHOcab

GEHOcab started out with a similar though more traditional carbon fiber camper for the Volkswagen Amarok a few years ago. With its success it is venturing out to capture the expanding SUV market taking in some of the newly announced models. So it is not a huge stretch for them to swing into this new category of camper shells.

GEHOcab has categories of camper shells based on length and width. The one it will use for the Defender, Bronco, Wrangler, and G-Wagen is 13 feet long. Many of the components used are modular, so only certain parts of the shell are unique to each model. Weight is just over 1,000 lbs. GEHOcab also has options for interior components to be constructed of carbon-fiber to lighten the load even more.

The camper offers full living comfort for two people

These campers offer virtually everything you expect in larger campers. It offers full living comfort for two people. Included is a toilet, shower, lengthways beds in the alcove, and a complete kitchen in the rear. The interior height is a bit over six feet. If you’re taller than that you may need to duck down slightly.

Hidden away are a 24-gallon water tank, battery with 100WP solar, and gas compressor for the cooker. The kitchen measures approximately four feet. The German company offers lots of options to increase electrical capabilities, outside awnings, reconfiguring the interior spaces, and more.

Unless these images are deceiving it looks quite roomy for how it looks from the outside. Prices have not been announced but we’re sure there will be more info available as we get closer to the Bronco and Defender being available.


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