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Have you ever seen obscene wealth displayed so casually as a billionaire having his Rolls-Royce Ghost delivered into his 44th-floor penthouse by crane? I surely haven’t. However over-the-top this might seem to us regular humans, this Chinese billionaire has managed to do the most Rolls-Royce thing you could possibly do. Most Rolls owners hire a driver for their living room on wheels; this guy skipped all that and hired a crane driver to put his Rolls-Royce in his house. 

A Chinese billionaire has Rolls-Royce Ghost delivered to his penthouse

Abstract photo of a 2023 Rolls-Royce Ghost
Rolls-Royce Ghost | Rolls-Royce

It is properly difficult to imagine what might compel someone to spend the time and money to have a $500,000 car craned into their 44th-floor apartment. Not that it is reasonable by any means, but if it would have been a rare vintage car or something that might at least be viewed as a work of art or at least a safe place to keep an investment car. A new Rolls-Royce Ghost is not that at all. Sure, a Ghost is expensive (starting MSRP $400,00), but they are not particularly rare or even particularly beautiful. We are left with the nagging question of why? 

How did they get the Rolls Royce into the penthouse?

While we further ponder the question of why someone would want to do this, let’s dig into the how. Getting a car inside a home is rarely an easy task. Getting a car into the 44th floor of a building is always a monumentally difficult task. 

In order to even lift the Rolls to where it needed to go, the unnamed Chinese billionaire had to hire a crane and operator. However, before the crane could do its, I assume, very expensive work, the billionaire had to hire an engineering firm to design and construct an iron cage around the Rolls to safely lift it. 

Lifting the car and getting up to the 44th floor happened without incident. Once high enough, the car was pulled over to the balcony with giant steel ropes. The car was lowered onto the balcony, and the team rolled the car inside the penthouse. 

What do you do now? 

Here’s the thing about bringing a car into the house like this; what do you do with it? Does the owner ever plan to drive it again? If so, how do you maintain it in the meantime? The main issue is, if you ever do want to drive it, or if you move, you now have to spend another few hundred thousand dollars to get the car back down. No part of this makes any sense. I guess thems the benefit of having billions of dollars. 

Why do rich people put cars in their houses?

Although this is clearly the most Rolls-Royce thing anyone could ever do, other sickly-wealthy individuals have done similar things. 

Despite the fact that much of the world is struggling with the increased cost of cars and housing, billionaires have apparently enjoyed buying cars just to stick them in their homes like a plant. A few months ago, an Australian billionaire bought a McLaren Senna GTR ($1.43 million) just to stick it in his nearly $40-million apartment. Fun fact: the apartment is on the 57th floor and is rumored to be the most expensive apartment in Melbourne. According to CarSccops, the man acknowledges that the $1.43-million car will likely never leave the apartment. Thank goodness no one will ever be able to drive the expertly-designed and crafted hypercar. We wouldn’t want that.