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Q from the James Bond franchise knows no limits when making unique gadgets for the British Secret Intelligence Service. Through the years, Q has outfitted 007’s cars with machine guns, revolving license plates, an ejector seat, and an oil slick sprayer. The famous agent’s Lotus Esprit could even transform into a submarine with machine guns and torpedoes. Although the Rolls-Royce Phantom doesn’t come with super-spy weapons, it cleverly conceals a rainy-day accessory in a way Bond would appreciate. 

The Rolls-Royce Phantom boasts a hidden feature

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II features a hidden umbrella
Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II | Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Have you ever been driving to your destination only to be caught in the rain without an umbrella?

We’ve all been there, and Rolls-Royce heard drenched drivers’ cries. The Phantom stores a full-size umbrella inside the driver’s door. This branded accessory has an inlaid “RR” logo on the handle. It can only be accessed when the driver’s door is open, revealing itself with a simple button push. 

No need to be concerned about mildew growing on wet surfaces because this factory-issued umbrella is Teflon-coated. It protects from mold due to moisture. Also, air vents push warm air from the engine to dry the umbrella and compartment. 

If you misplace your umbrella or damage the holder, you can get new ones through Rolls-Royce or an aftermarket retailer. Scuderia sells the holder for $2,129.54 and the umbrella for $635.55. You’ll also need a late-model Phantom Coupe or Phantom Drophead Coupe because those are the only cars in which the holder will fit.

Granted, any umbrella that Q would rig for James Bond probably includes a poison dart, but we have to admit the Phantom’s hidden compartment is a nice touch.

This luxury sedan has plenty of other extravagant features

The latest Rolls-Royce Phantom touts the most ostentatious in-car technology and amenities.

First, this spacious sedan provides an incredibly comfortable ride. It has elevated footrests, multiple refrigerators, and 300 pounds of insulation for a near-silent ride. The windows are triple-layered glass, and the tires have foam on the inside. 

Handling road imperfections is standard in luxury vehicles. But the Phantom has extra dampers to soften the ride further. In addition, a camera scans the road for bumps and adjusts the suspension accordingly. The camera also schedules gear shifts to provide a supremely smooth ride.  

Finally, another feature that Bond would likely appreciate is the infrared night-vision camera. It can scan up to 1,000 feet ahead and alerts the driver of what’s coming. The camera feed is displayed on the dashboard for easy viewing, and the headlights aim toward any obstacles the camera sees. 

Expect to pay handsomely for a Rolls-Royce Phantom 


Did Rolls-Royce Really Put a Gold Toilet in a Car?

The Rolls-Royce Phantom sounds like a dream. But the $400,000-plus sticker price would wake anyone from a deep slumber.

The 2023 Phantom is a V12 masterpiece built for royalty. The latest Series II wears an illuminated grille under the iconic Spirit of Ecstacy hood ornament. And the “Starlight” headlights “evoke the astral beauty observed in a clear night sky,” Rolls-Royce says. “They glisten amidst the darkness with an intricate show of 580 laser-cut stars.”

A “Shooting Star” headliner dotted with fiber-optic lights continues the celestial theme into the cabin. The interior also boasts full-grain leather, unique carpeting, and genuine wood and metal trim. Don’t forget the high-end audio system. 

Of course, every model is customizable in virtually every aspect and will be crafted to spec for its owner. The British luxury car company has built a reputation for opulence, and the latest Phantom continues that tradition.