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The 1980s were a wild time, and even the limousine offerings reflect that. If you’ve ever looked at something from the past and thought, “thank goodness that’s over,” this should not be one of those times. Frankly, the world is a bit too serious. A few whimsical limos could really help raise morale.

Rough day? Why not play volleyball in a limousine to unwind?

A group of women playing volleyball in the Jay Ohrberg double-wide limousine in the 1980s
Volleyball in the double limousine | Maureen Donaldson/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Vintage Everyday is a website that highlights the past, good or bad, and they recently brought this creation back to light. This outstanding limo is a creation of “The King of Show Cars” himself, Jay Ohrberg.

Built on an entirely custom platform, the double-wide limousine has two Cadillac front-wheel drive engines and eight wheels per side. It’s a little over 30 feet long, and it’s two and a half cars wide. Inside, there’s a driver’s seat where you’d expect to find one. You know, behind the steering wheel.

However, where you might expect to find other things, you don’t. It’s just a big, flat, carpeted slab of automotive wonder. The only other seating is an entire double-wide bench seat with fuzzy white upholstery. That’s much better than leather. This thing is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to play a game of toss across, volleyball, or lawn bowling in their car. Let’s be real here; who hasn’t wanted to do that?

As one might imagine, driving this thing is not something you could just, well, do. Fortunately, nobody ever had to! The double-wide limousine has eight wheels, meaning there are four hidden ones tucked under the bodywork. Remarkably, Ohrberg designed this beast to break into two, hence the two engines. So, to transport it from one location to another, it could be driven in two separate halves! It’s so relieving to know that someone has solved the “my limousine is too wide to drive” crisis that plagues the world.

Ohrberg is no stranger to a lunatic limousine

Jay Ohrberg five limousine collection taken from a helicopter in the 1980s
Ohrberg’s wild limousine collection | Maureen Donaldson/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Of course, we recently brought you the story of Jay Ohrberg’s “American Dream” limousine. It’s a 100-foot monster that allegedly holds up to 75 people. Furthermore, it’s got a pool, a putting green, a hot tub, and a helipad. Though it nearly rotted away due to logistical issues, a man in Florida purchased it and spent a quarter-million dollars restoring it.

Additionally, Ohrberg built an open-top Ferrari F40 limousine. Mostly, anyway. Like many replica Ferraris, it’s a Pontiac Fiero. It was, anyway. However, it does have the proper Ferrari F40 styling. Furthermore, it’s about 35 feet long and has 10 wheels.

Perhaps, though, you’re more familiar with Ohrberg’s work in the form of movie cars. Basically, if there’s a recognizable movie car, he built it or has owned it. He’s responsible for the Gran Turino from Starsky and Hutch, the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, and, of course, the iconic Delorean time machine from the Back to the Future franchise. If you were curious what funded all these whimsical 1980s limousines, there’s your answer!

Bring back the weird limos

Jay Ohrberg double-wide limousine at a car show in the 1980s
The double-wide limousine | Patrick PIEL/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

If you were to pitch the idea of the double-wide limousine if it didn’t exist, you’d have a hard time convincing someone it’s a good idea. To be fair, whether or not it actually is a good idea is up in the air. However, it and all the other wild and wacky Ohrberg cars are fantastic for this very reason. Nobody asked for it, but someone dreamed it up and made it a reality.

That is the kind of innovation and dedication that we like to see in the automotive world. So, someone, please do the world a favor and start building weird limos for the modern era. A solid starting place would be a triple-wide version. That way, you could play lawn darts or have a paintball match in it.


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