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Rolls-Royce has always been known as the epitome of luxury. With its unique door design, quality materials on the interior, sleek design, and numerous technological advancements, it is no wonder that the company is still doing well. With their luxury status, the brand’s price tag reflects it.

However, along with quality materials, many models are focused on performance and agility. The driving dynamics in many of these models are unmatched, including in the company’s first-ever all-terrain SUV, the Cullinan. These models excel in torque, power, agility, and a versatile driving dynamic.

These vehicles are made for those that enjoy the definition of luxury that the company brings. Consumers that enjoy power while sitting behind the wheel are also intrigued by these models. The company is known for its quiet rides as well, so road noise is essentially nonexistent. It is a great option for large families in need of plenty of room and various luxuries or individuals who appreciate the same.

Featured Vehicle: Phantom

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All Rolls-Royce Vehicles:


Phantom: This model breaks all the rules and creates a luxurious experience like none other.

Ghost: The model made its debut in 2020. The quiet ride and serene environment are relaxing, to say the least.

Black Badge: It is designed for those seeking great driving dynamics with power, torque, and agility at its core.


Cullinan: It is the first all-terrain SUV made by the company.

Recently Discontinued Vehicles

Dawn: A powerful and agile car that is ready for any adventure.

Wraith: A bold sports car styled car with power and plenty and room.

Camargue: This model did not last long due to a lack of sales.

Corniche: This model came as a convertible and was not as popular as the company had hoped.

Park Ward: This model only stuck around for a couple of years at the start of the 2000s.

Silver Seraph: A sedan made from 1965 to 1980.

Silver Shadow: A coupe made in the late 1970s to the early 1980s.

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