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Are you interested in a new midsize crossover but want a little more pep in your step? Performance models are few and far between in the crossover and SUV segments. It wouldn’t make sense to add one to the lineup for some models. However, the Chevrolet Blazer is the perfect place to start. The automaker just teased the Chevy Blazer SS all-electric high-performance model, and it’s coming in 2023.

Chevy Blazer SS high-performance EV teased

Announcing and teasing a high-performance electric crossover is excellent, but what does that mean? According to Electrek, the Chevy Bazer “Super Sport” will be a high-performance version of the Blazer EV. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to see in the teaser video from the automaker. In 20 seconds, we see the charging door, a wheel, and a red color option. None of which are particularly interesting, especially for a new performance model. It’s unusual for a vehicle releasing in a year to be a complete mystery, but a brief announcement then release is becoming more common.

Unfortunately, we can’t compare what a performance model should feature without more information on the standard Blazer EV. For the overall look of the crossover, we’d expect it won’t be much different than the Chevy Blazer EV or regular Blazer. The gas-powered 2023 Blazer model is available for your viewing pleasure on the Chevrolet website right now.

Are there any all-electric high-performance crossover competitors?

The Chevy Blazer SS electric crossover performance model teased image, coming in 2023.
Chevy Blazer SS EV teaser | Chevrolet

For now, the Chevy Blazer EV will have to compete with some big-name models in the same segment. Electric crossovers like the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Kia EV6, and Hyundai Ioniq 7 are all coming soon. Fortunately, not all of these options offer a high-performance model, however. As far as we know right now, the Chevy Blazer SS EV will compete with the Model Y and Mustang Mach-E GT for best performance electric crossover.

How will it stand up against its opponents? According to Car and Driver, the Mustang Mach-E GT can travel from 0 to 60 in just 3.7 seconds. The Model Y can do the same in a slightly faster 3.5 seconds, keeping the grizzled veteran in the lead. Does the Chevy Blazer SS need to beat these two models’ speeds to win the rivalry? When customers are looking for a performance vehicle, speed is one of the primary focuses. However, it’s not everything, especially with a new EV.

History of the Chevy Super Sport signature performance package

Radiant Red Metallic 2023 Chevy Blazer RS - The SS electric crossover EV high-performance model teased image, coming in 2023.
Radiant Red Metallic 2023 Chevy Blazer | Chevrolet

Could the 2023 Blazer Be a Better SUV? Chevy Thinks So

The “Super Sport” signature performance package, or SS, has been offered on various Chevrolet vehicles since 1961. Dating back to 1961, for the same model year, the Chevy Impala was the first model to wear the nametag. The automaker built a mere 453 units with performance upgrades, including a modified chassis and suspension, power brakes, a steering column-mounted tachometer, and unique wheels and tires. Lastly, it came with one of five 348 cubic-inch V8 engines producing 250, 280, 305, 340, or 350 horsepower.

Only fast, high-performing models wear the SS package name, historically. When doling out the title, Chevy doesn’t take the term “Super Sport” lightly. That’s why we expect the Chevy Blazer SS EV to have a lot more horsepower than the 1961 Impala. In conclusion, hopefully, it will be a bit closer to the rival Mach-E GT performance model, which produces 459 horsepower.

What does the Chevy Blazer SS EV mean for Chevrolet?

Could we see another performance model join the Chevy EV lineup soon? We’ve got the Equinox and Silverado on the horizon as well. A Silverado EV ZR2 performance model would be attractive, to say the least. We’re giving the Equinox SS an “unlikely to happen” label for now, but you never really know. In conclusion, Chevy announcing a performance electric vehicle is essential for the American company. It’s genuinely dedicating itself to live up to the Chevy name, even in EVs. That’s why the automaker teased the new Chevy Blazer SS all-electric high-performance model, coming in Spring 2023.