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Chevy has confirmed that the long-awaited Z06 Corvette is coming this fall as a 2023 model. Beyond that, we have to get info from GM moles and the internet. And the rumors keep piling up to show this will be, in fact, an all-electric Corvette

An all-electric Corvette had to come sometime

concept of an all-electric Corvette
Conceptualization of an all-electric Corvette | MB

It had to come sometime. Chevy has committed to 30 new EVs by 2025. So far, it has barely eked out much of anything that is electric. So it has some humping to do between now and 2025.

That said, it is being sneaky with a video that includes a roaring engine sound. But, we all know that carmakers enhance that sound. And more to the point, they can include any number of sounds emitting from an electric car. 

So is the video subterfuge for the inevitable all-electric Corvette? The video ends with a graphic proclaiming, “The streets will never sound the same.” Never “sound” the same. That’s another hint that what GM is planning for the Z06 is different. Like, EV different?

President Joe Biden originally spilled the beans on a “200 mph electric Corvette”

President Joe Biden and GM CEO Mary Barra looking at yellow Corvette
DETROIT, MI – JANUARY 16: U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden (R) and General Motors CEO Mary Barra look at the new Corvette C7 at the North American International Auto Show industry preview at Cobo Hall on January 16, 2014, in Detroit, Michigan | Paul Warner/Getty Images

Remember back to August 2020. Then campaigning Joe Biden stopped off at GM for some handshaking. He is a 1967 Corvette owner, you know? He has a convertible. It was the last year of the original Stingray design. During that visit, he said, “They tell me that GM is making an all-electric Corvette that goes 200 mph.” 

He had been for a ride with GM CEO Mary Barra that day. You can’t get anybody at GM to say anything about future products. But the CEO of GM discussing Corvettes with the potential President of the United States is on a whole different plane. Discussing future Corvettes with Biden would not be out of the question. 

President Joe Biden in C8 Corvette
President Joe Biden sits in a Corvette at the North American International Auto Show industry preview at Cobo Hall |y Paul Warner/Getty Images

From there journalists scrambled. The Detroit Free Press got a GM engineer to admit there was an electric Corvette coming. But that too isn’t out of the realm of trade secrets. GM has already announced it is going all-in on electricity by 2035. Or was it 2030?

In all likelihood this fall is when we will see a Z06 electric Corvette

An image of a 2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8 parked outdoors.
2021 Chevrolet Corvette | Chevrolet

Anyway, that engineer said it would be about two years before an EV Corvette saw production. That was in 2020. This means it is due before next year, which likely means this fall if GM’s plans remained in place. 

So there it is; some of the evidence about Chevy’s potential big Corvette Z06 reveal being an all-electric version. We know that the characteristics of EVs with gobs of torque and power won’t tarnish the Corvette heritage of the same. But, if it is the direction for the next new Corvette, it will take enthusiasts some getting used to the idea. 

That’s also why it might have a variety of different sounds to at least keep that part of its rich heritage intact. Even if it is only sound. 


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