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Older gasoline SUVs need updating to keep up with the futuristic EV styling arriving in the market. With this thought in mind, the team at Chevrolet gave the 2023 Blazer a fresh upgrade to keep it modern, ahead of the EV version arriving next year. Could this new Blazer package make it a better SUV? The Chevy team thinks so, but here’s what we think.

2023 Chevy Blazer redesign

A red 2023 Chevy Blazer RS, it smashes the 2022 Blazer.
2023 Chevrolet Blazer RS | Chevy

The next Blazer to arrive features thinner headlights. These lights stretch further toward the center on the front of the vehicle, giving this SUV a sharper look. Design elements covered by show an improved upper grille surround that extends to the fog lights in the RS trim. Moving to the rear, a new set of Led taillights shows up, offering an upscale design. Toss in the handful of new paint colors and wheel designs, and you’ve got a Chevy Blazer that has the same shape but upgraded details, making it a better-looking SUV.

Changes to the interior cabin area

Chevy didn’t stop with the dressing on the outside; they added more to the cabin of the Blazer as well. Stepping into any model, you’ll see a ten-inch touchscreen in the top-center of the dashboard area. This screen is larger than previous models and provides wireless mirroring functionality to the driving experience. If the RS trim is what you’re driving, a standard Qi wireless charging pad is present to keep your devices charged up during your drive. A new leather upholstery theme called “Nightshift Blue” can be chosen, but we’re not sure what it looks like yet.

Advanced safety for this SUV

Finally, Chevrolet has moved into the same decade as other automakers. For several years, the only way to receive advanced safety features on GM products was to select higher trim levels. The 2023 Chevy Blazer includes several safety features for all times. These features include:

  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Forward collision alert
  • Lane-keep assist
  • Lane departure warning
  • Automatic high beams
  • Optional adaptive cruise control

Previously, only the Premier and RS trims could include adaptive cruise control, but the 2023 model has that feature offered across all trims.

No powertrain changes for the Blazer SUV

Radiant Red Metallic 2023 Chevy Blazer RS parked next to a sidewalk
2023 Chevy Blazer RS | Chevrolet

The new model is a refreshed design, not a complete rebuild. Understanding this, we know the powertrains for the Chevy Blazer haven’t changed going into 2023. The EV model will release in spring 2023 as part of the 2024 model year.

Currently, the powertrains for the Blazer give you either a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine or a 3.6-liter V6. Both engines use a smooth-shifting nine-speed automatic transmission to push power to the wheels. The four-cylinder engine makes 228 horsepower, with the V6 providing 308 horsepower for the drive.

Front-wheel drive is the standard layout for all trims. The Blazer offers two available AWD systems to send power to all four wheels. One of these AWD systems is uniquely suited for the RS trim, which is the sportiest trim in the lineup.

Should you drive the 2023 Chevrolet Blazer?

Dashboard and front seats in 2023 Chevy Blazer RS
2023 Chevy Blazer RS | Chevrolet

The Blazer is an excellent choice when you plan to drive a two-row midsize crossover SUV. It has good power, ample cargo room, a sporty style, and an impressive level of technology. This SUV is a good SUV for driving around on city streets or highways. The upgrades give it an improved appearance and better connectivity than before. Overall, we would agree with Chevy this is an improvement over the previous version.

Next, check out the upcoming Toyota Grand Highlander, or watch the introduction to the 2023 Chevy Blazer RS in the video below:

This article was updated on 8/18/2022.


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