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Buckle up, because this is a weird one. Eric Holland says he stole the Chevy Avalanche pickup truck that police found a human head and other body parts in. But he doesn’t know anything about them. His lawyers say he was just “unlucky” and stole the wrong truck. Yeah, we’d say he did.

Police believe the Chevy Avalanche driver murdered the dismembered man

Chevy Avalanche
2009 Chevrolet Avalanche | Getty

Las Vegas prosecutors say otherwise. They claim that Holland killed the dismembered victim. This all started with a simple traffic stop right before Christmas. The Toyota Tundra initially stopped, but then sped away.

Police chased the Tundra around three miles before it drove into a parking structure right by the Rio hotel. But then a Chevy Avalanche was seen pulling out of the structure. When police noticed the driver looked like the same driver as they saw in the Tundra, they followed it. 

After traveling about two miles, it stopped at an apartment complex. When Holland got out of the Avalanche, he was instructed by police to stop but he ignored them. Then he tried to flee. Police used a taser gun to keep him from escaping. 

A human head, legs, and torso were discovered in the Avalanche

Murder investigation
Murder investigation | Getty

After Holland was in custody, the police did a search on the two trucks and found that both of them were reported stolen. Upon further investigation of the Avalanche, investigators sought out the “foul odor” coming from the Chevy. A black trash bag was found to contain a severed head. Coolers adjacent to the bag were found to have “two human legs.” 

Investigators also found what is believed to be “an apparent human torso.” Upon further investigation, the torso was found to have multiple gunshot wounds. Obviously, the coroner’s office ruled this a homicide. 

The attorney says his client is just a victim of circumstances

Murder investigation
Murder investigation | Getty

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Holland’s attorney says that he was just a victim of circumstances. That the truck he stole had its bed covered and the coolers had their lids on them. From the Daily Bulletin, the attorney said “In order to presume that Mr. Holland had prior knowledge of the contents of this truck, you would also have to believe that he lead police to the body intentionally. The question is: why would he do this?”

Upon further investigation, it was found that both Holland and the victim were acquaintances. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Holland had also been seen on Home Depot video purchasing a saw and plastic bags. Hmmm. 

At this point, Holland is scheduled for another court appearance at the end of January. You can believe that Las Vegas investigators are seeking out info to corroborate what appears to be a murder upon two vehicle thefts. Although, it could be something else altogether.