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Hey, it’s summertime, and it is getting hot out there. So go get yourself a mini electric jet boat and have a blast while blasting yourself with cool river water. It’s small, doesn’t use gasoline, with seating for only one, and it’s inexpensive as far as jet boats go. It’s an electric micro-ski jet boat, from Havospark, for trolls and spills.

But first, let’s sort some things out. Yes, this thing looks like a tiny Titanic ready to sink on the first approach of a wake. But it’s styrofoam with a layer of fiberglass over the whole thing. So it is doubtful you could get it to sink underwater if you tried. 

What powers the micro-boat and how fast is it?

Alibaba mini electric jet boat in the water
Havospark mini jet boat | Havospark

Being electric, power comes from a 15 kW motor connected to a small water jet drive. It also is water-cooled, which helps during long wide open throttle (WOT) blasts. And that’s a lot of power for a 77 lb hull with a 48 lb lithium-ion battery. It can hit 30 mph, yet it’s only 5 feet 11 inches long. 

The range is about 40 to 50 minutes at WOT. It is rated for 800 charge cycles. That gives you many days of lake playing. Steering is with a jet nozzle on each side for directional thrust. There is no rudder dragging things down. If you don’t believe these things crank across the pond, check out the video on Alibaba.

How much is the Havospark micro-boat?

So now you want one, right? As with most of these kooky mini vehicles like those little micro trucks, they come from China’s Alibaba. And that’s where we might take some of the wind out of your sails. The retailer wants $10,000 for one of the micro boats. Looking at the prices for used jet skis, the jet boat price is practically a non-starter. 

That’s a shame because the experience is probably as much fun or more than straddling a jet ski. And Electrek says there as some unforeseen costs you should be aware of for any of these Alibaba items. So let’s look at that as well.

How much does it cost to import an electric mini jet boat to the U.S.?

Alibaba micro jet ski cut-away diagram
Havospark mini jet boat | Havospark

In general, Electrek says you should probably increase the advertised price times four. What? That takes in things like ocean freight, which is an advertised $263. Then there are customs charges, broker fees, arrival charges, warehousing, and local trucking. And there might be a few more charges somewhere between China and your front door. 

As for the dude wearing the ski mask and the alphabet soup stickered onto the side of the boat, we have no clue. The same goes for the “Young ree urfing”  at the top of the hull. If you’re dying to get one of these Havospark EV micro boats, it’s probably better to ask what it all means. Just in case.


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