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We have another all-electric truck ready to storm the U.S. called the AYRO Vanish. Its modular design means it can be spec’d with a flatbed, enclosed box, and other work truck add-ons. It’s a commercial utility vehicle, or low-speed electric vehicle, or LSEV, so its top speed is 25 mph. But it is street legal on roads with a 35 mph or less speed limit.

How much is the AYRO Vanish mini truck?

AYRO Vanish LSEV commercial utility vehicle front 3/4
AYRO Vanish LSEV commercial utility vehicle | AYRO

So the Vanish probably won’t see much in the way of typical consumers. It will mostly appeal to commercial interests, with a base price of $25,000. That’s a lot for consumers when you consider a Ford Maverick hybrid has a base price of $22,600. Granted, it’s not an EV, but the is probably a much more versatile truck for your average consumer. 

So, what does the AYRO Vanish mini truck offer? The 13-foot truck has a payload of 1,200 lbs. So it handles similar payloads to traditional half-ton pickup trucks. The range comes to 50 miles. For last mile and local applications, that range works. Local deliveries or micro distribution applications are its intended use. 

What powers the AYRO Vanish?

AYRO Vanish LSEV commercial utility vehicle side view
AYRO Vanish LSEV commercial utility vehicle | AYRO

The Vanish utilizes lithium-ion batteries and is rechargeable from both 120-volt and 240-volt chargers. To use commercial J1772 public chargers, it must be configured for that type of charge. AYRO says that the LSEV takes 50% less operating expense than conventional gas-powered LSVs. 

AYRO Vanish LSEV commercial utility vehicle interior
AYRO Vanish LSEV commercial utility vehicle | AYRO

As much as it seems a bit nich-y, the EV has received a few awards worth mentioning. This year it received the Red Dot Award from industrial designers. Red Dot is a worldwide jury award presentation where products are judged in 50-plus categories. It also was awarded the  Sullivan North American New Product Innovation Award. Additionally, AYRO has secured a utility and design patent for the 2023 AYRO Vanish and has filed several others, along with numerous foundational patents in the field of sustainability.

How sustainable is it?

AYRO Vanish LSEV commercial utility vehicle delivery box
AYRO Vanish LSEV commercial utility vehicle | AYRO

It also received a utility patent for “Systems and Methods for Vehicle Environmental Impact Cancellation.” The patent is for vehicles that operate with the least environmental effect. 

“These innovations will change how the marketplace understands both sustainability and the use of an LSEV,” said Mark Luckevich, chief engineer for AYRO. “Sustainability is really about balance and AYRO is striving to achieve just that by developing vehicles that are not only utilitarian in nature, but leave little to no impact on the environment.”


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