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With a headline like that, what else is there to say? A lot, actually. Canadians are universally thought of as the nicest people on Earth. Of course, Canadians are just like anyone else (except nicer); many are good and kind, and some, well, maybe less so. In the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, one man went on a hell of a spree jacking one car after the other as if he were playing Grand Theft Auto. The man in question stole multiple cars, rammed a car 20 times, was chased by the police, and eventually had a standoff with the officers. Strap in, folks. This one is wild. 

A screen shot taken from a video of a violent road rage situation in Alberta Canada
Car jacker ramming another car at 100 mph | YouTube: Driving in Alberta

Canadian man plays Grand Theft Auto in real life

The unnamed Canadian was said to have been involved in a number of violent crimes during his spree through Alberta. Edmonton Police say the man violently carjacked at least two vehicles. By the time police confronted the accused carjacker, he was piloting a white Ram pickup truck

According to CarScoops, police responded to reports of a car “actively smashing into other vehicles” on the evening of May 16. Once police arrived, the man stepped out of the Ram pickup truck, upon which a “confrontation between him and the officers occurred.”

During the standoff, an officer fired his weapon, which sent the man fleeing for his vehicle. Once in the truck, the accused took off again, leading the police on another chase. The police say that soon after this initial confrontation, the man was involved in his second carjacking, and the police lost him. 

“Where did this guy come from?!?!” 

The next morning, the man was still at large when police got a call from Naeem Issa, a scared driver reporting being rear-ended a number of times and being chased by a man in a red Dodge truck holding a gun. Issa and his nephew captured some colorful footage of the two running from the violent Ram driver. 

Issa told local news reporters that the truck just drove up behind him and began ramming him for no apparent reason. When Issa and his nephew sped away, the truck followed until they lost him in traffic. But the truck caught back up.

“I pass by the highway patrol sheriff, honk my horn at him… The truck came like a barrel out of nowhere and just smashed me. If I was doing, like, 170, he was probably doing 220 (137 mph) or more,” Issa said. “He hit me so hard the car went into emergency mode, and it wouldn’t go anymore. It wouldn’t drive anymore.”

Issa was able to coax his car off the highway, where the truck pulled up alongside him and eventually in front of him. The truck slammed on the brakes trying to force Issa to crash. At this point, the police showed up, running the unnamed driver off. Issa and his nephew report being shaken up and a bit sore but ultimately unharmed. 

Where did the guy end up? 

After the terrifying chase with Issa, the man eventually crashed into the yard of a condo building through a chain link fence and into a tree. Police later confirmed that a man matching the description of the carjackings and chase was arrested. The man in custody also had 17 outstanding warrants. For now, the police have kept the suspect’s name confidential.