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Far be it from me to tell people not to do donuts or light fireworks, or burnouts. These things are all awesome. However, like many other things we enjoy, there is a proper time and place for them. In the middle of an intersection on public roads, ain’t really it. Many cities are cracking down on these street takeovers and sideshows. In Oakland, CA, over 250 cars showed up to the sideshow over the weekend. Of those 250 cars, 80 cars were seized by authorities, and one Nissan 370Z got rammed repeatedly by a Subaru Outback before getting burned to the ground. 

Oakland street takeover ends in burning Nissan 370Z getting rammed by a Subaru Outback.
Burning Nissan 370Z | Bay Area State of Mind

Why would you burn a perfectly good Nissan 370Z?

Videos from this past weekend’s sideshow in Oakland look like something out of a post-apocalyptic film. The scene is lit by a Nissan 370Z ablaze. While countless examples of madness took place, according to police and other witnesses, the main event was the 370Z aflame while inexplicably getting rammed over and over by a Subaru Outback. Without getting into mental health diagnosis, without context, the scene looks like the goings of insanity. 

Reports say that the dearly departed 370Z was vandalized before getting set on fire. Despite the many videos, reports are still unclear if this Nissan was a sideshow participant’s car or if it was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

What happened at the Oakland Sideshow? 

These sideshows aren’t new. However, they have garnered much more attention over the last few years as they continually ramp up, becoming more dangerous and destructive. Many cities are taking increasingly intense measures to stop the dangerous road displays

These events used to be mostly people cutting donuts and doing burnouts in modded cars. The problem is these events moved from parking lots to intersections. Lately, they have been devolving into increasingly destructive, and in this case, even violent events. 

Reports from the scene say there were fireworks, lasers, loud music, burnouts, donuts, fires, and even stolen cars crashing into various things. Despite the insanity, there were no arrests or injuries reported. 

Can you get arrested for doing donuts?

Again, many major cities dealing with these “takeovers” and sideshows are taking the illegal stunts very seriously. Some cities, like Birmingham, AL, have put harsh speed bumps in every direction at intersections making donuts nearly impossible. 

While authorities snagged 80 cars, no arrests have been made yet. However, local authorities are investigating individuals responsible for the chaos. According to CarScoops, the police are asking anyone with information on the gathering to come forward. 


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