Cadillac Names Are So Confusing, Cars Are Shipped With Wrong Badges

A while back Cadillac figured out that its naming system struck buyers dumbfounded. The mumbo-jumbo combo of letters and numbers was completely forgettable. Sure, Eldorado and Coupe DeVille might be a bit antiquated, but those names sure beat CTS-V or 450T. The Cadillac nomenclature is so confusing and nondescript even workers on the assembly lines are getting them mixed up. Cars are being shipped with the wrong badges.

Cadillac shipped 1,100 CT4 with the wrong badge

General Motors Vice President Global Product Ken Morris unveils the 2020 Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V, which include new V-Mode personalization | Cadillac

More than 1,100 CT4 Cadillacs were shipped off with the wrong engine badge. Cadillac CT4s with the turbocharged 2.7-liter 4-cylinder engine are identified by a 500T badge. But the mix-up resulted in them receiving the 450T badge according to Cadillac Society. Not that anyone would know the difference between a 450T and 500T. Since you’ve gotten this far we’ll explain this word soup.

Cadillac decided that it would use the torque figures for the engine bonked into your new CT4. In Newton meters. The number is followed by a T or a D. T is for turbocharged and D is for diesel. So here goes: the 310-hp turbocharged 2.7-liter I4 engine cranks out 350 lb-ft of torque. In Newton-meters that comes out to 474.5 Newton-meters. Cadillac then rounds the number up to the nearest 50. 

Why Cadillac thinks this is a good idea is lost within the monolith that is GM

Three number/letter combination Cadillacs | Cadillac

Why Cadillac thinks this is a good idea is lost within the monolith that is GM. If we had to guess we’d say it is because 500 of something sounds a lot better than 2.7 of something? Following it with a letter means it has something more than just 500 of something of which we have no clue what it represents. Cadillac used to have a 500ci V8 engine back in the day so maybe it is trying to capitalize on that milestone. Although we doubt there are too many Caddy-conscious customers left to remember. 

This is par for Cadillac who has changed names at will over the years. Back in the early 2000s, it chose to get rid of the traditional names and use CTS and SRX. That was always hard to understand seeing as how models were so close to each other in size and design. But then in the more recent past, it chose to rename its sedans CT and its SUVs with XT. 

New, mysterious, and compelling Cadillac names like Celestiq and Lyriq will be upon us

Cadillac Lyriq tease | GM

Electric Escalade? Deville DC? Big Changes Coming to Cadillac

Soon, another shift in Cadillac naming will be upon us. New, mysterious, and compelling names like Celestiq and Lyriq will be upon us. Also in the pipeline are Symboliq and Optiq. Get it? Everything will be named with an “iq” after it. We might even see Cadillac change to “Cadilliq.” Just kidding, but you can see the iq thing is important to Cadillac. 

Celestiq will become the brand’s flagship. Lyriq is an SUV EV and about the same size as an XT5. If you can tell what size an XT5 is. It should be easier to tell one Cadillac EV from another as it is getting ready to unleash an onslaught of electric models. Recent announcements say Cadillac will be mostly all-electric by 2025, sped up from an earlier target of 2030.