The Design of the 2021 Cadillac Lyriq Is Unlike Anything Before It

After making its grand debut in early August, GM released a new video called “Coda” about the forthcoming Cadillac Lyriq. In the video, the luxury brand is touting both the Lyriq‘s innovation and dynamic design. Coda means the end of an event, section, or a song. And Cadillac appears to be making a statement with the promotional video launched mere days after the Cadillac Lyriq’s unveiling.

Why is the design different than anything we’ve seen before? Why will it be a tough act for the competition to follow?


The new promotional video from Cadillac, reviewed by GM Authority, announces the Lyriq as the vehicle that will pave the way for an all-electric future. It explains that the Lyriq sets the tone for the Cadillac brand’s design language moving forward. Using words like effortless, refined, and simple in the promo shows the forthcoming EV as a dynamic, state-of-the-art vehicle that will usher in a new era for electric vehicles and luxury brands.

The video explains the Lyriq blends fluid lines, sculpted surfaces, and next-level technology in a vehicle that will be the first of the brand’s approaching all-electric future. The first Cadillac EV will offer visionary innovation and futuristic design. The video features what we assume are the voices of the Lyriq’s design team members talking about their hopes for its future before ending with a sharp-looking visual of the show car.

Dynamic design

The video addresses the new design language from an EV concept that debuted in early 2019 at the Detroit Auto Show. The visually-appealing Lyriq features a minimalist aesthetic, broad, slanting panels, and a perfect marriage of fluid lines and sculpted surfaces. 

According to GM Authority, the front end makes excellent use of slim lighting signatures against a wide grille. The eye is directed to the center by the v-shaped fascia at the front. Its roofline is lower, and it curves in the back like a hatch, which gives it a more athletic vibe and hints at great practicality.

On the inside, the Lyriq is all comfort, convenience, and luxury, just as you would expect. There’s a 33-inch LED display sprawling from left to right with an abundance of space for driver data and basic infotainment system functions. The Lyriq features the Super Cruise drive system, which can control the steering wheel on longer road trips.

What else we know so far

Aside from being Cadillac’s first electric car, Lyriq is a brand-new nameplate. The automaker explains that both single-motor rear-wheel-drive and dual-motor all-wheel-drive models will be available. It will have an impressive 300-mile driving range. 

The anticipated acceleration of this EV will be strong because of the electric motor’s power delivery’s instantaneous nature. Cadillac claims that the near 50/50 distribution of weight from front to back and the 100-kWh battery pack placement will aid dynamics even more.

When it comes to charging up the Lyriq, Cadillac used the NCMA (nickel-cobalt-manganese-aluminum) batteries that work with DC Fast chargers at rates over 150 kW. It’s the first GM vehicle to come equipped with the Ultium battery system from LG Chem, which leads us to believe there will be more to come from that Lordstown, Ohio factory.

The Lyriq will be compatible with Level 1 and Level 2 chargers and the DC Fast Chargers. It was also recently announced that GM had partnered with EVgo to offer over 2,700 new public fast chargers within the next five years. Combined with the commitments of such expansion from other companies, it can be assumed that charging away from home will be easier as we go along.

The Cadillac Lyriq enters production in late 2022 at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant in Michigan for the 2023 model year. It’s anticipated that the price will start around $60,000.

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