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No, a “Box Chevy” is not a truck, though trucks technically have a box, better known as a bed. So what is a Box Chevy? They’re part of the Donk style of customization, which we’ll explain in a second after we explain Donk.

Hi-Risers, Donks, Box Chevy, what is it?

Box Chevy
Donk Box Chevy Caprice | Veltboy314 via YouTube

Donk vehicles can be either cars or trucks. They are raised and ride on giant wheels. You’ve had to have seen them as they’re popular in every state. Also called “Hi-Risers” their origins go back to the Dirty South hip-hop scene back in the 1990s, according to liftabrand.

Donk Caprice
Donk Caprice convertible | Veltboy314

Some believe that true Donks are full-size cars between 1971 and 1976, which corresponds to GM full-size B-body cars of the era. These were the large “Junior” bodies for the Buick Electra, Oldsmobile 88, Pontiac Catalina, and Chevrolet Caprice. Senior cars road on GM’s C-body which were mostly Cadillacs and Buick Roadmasters. 

Aren’t all Donks Box Chevys?

Box Chevy
Donk Box Chevy Caprice | Veltboy314

After 1976, GM’s “downsizing” program began, so all of its line of full-size B-bodies were slightly smaller with less overhangs front and rear. They also became more chiseled, with flatter surfaces, which was the trend at that time. This era of B-body lasted through 1990. The new B-bodies in 1991 took on much more organic shapes, which some called the “jellybean look.” 

But back to those 1977 to 1990 GM products, these are what enthusiasts call Box Chevy because they’re boxy. Sharp edges, squared-off details, more abrupt backlights, and less taper to the sides are some of these cars’ characteristics. Flat and sharp-edged like a box. 

What’s the ultimate type of Donk?

Box Chevy
Donk Box Chevy Caprice | Veltboy314

To the traditional Donk aficionados, the penultimate vehicle is a Chevrolet Impala or Caprice. Interestingly, that applies to Lowriders as well, though less so the Caprice. However, these enthusiasts place the 1963 and 1964 Impala at the pinnacle of lowrider fans.

Also with lowriders, though there are favorites, pre-1963 and post-1964 Impalas make fantastic lowriders. Applied to Donks, the Box Chevy also makes a great Donk, enough so that the genre gets its own name, Box Chevy. 

Is it expensive to make Donks?

Box Chevy
Donk Box Chevy Caprice | Veltboy314

Lift kits and large wheels, sometimes up to 32 inches, make the Donk aesthetic. Once that is accomplished, the sky’s the limit. Mostly, candy paint and custom upholstery make for a complete Donk. From there, scissors door conversions add even more interest. 

Keep in mind that the necessary wheels and tires can cost up to over five figures. So creating your own Donk is not cheap. We’d, arguably, say that components like those wheels, that make a Donk a Donk, cost more than the value of the vehicle itself. But who can put a price on a hobby, a culture, and a personal preference? 


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