Motorbiscuit’s Freak Show Friday: Freakish TV Trend

freak show friday opener

We were as surprised to see this latest trend pop up as you are. Yes, you are seeing TV screens bonked into the doors of these Freak Show Friday examples. The answer to your obvious question is, “We don’t have a clue?” We guess it’s a Donk thing but there were no other examples so we were lucky to find these two. Maybe it’s a regional thing? Something in the water thing? It’s Freak Show Friday so don’t ask too many questions. Just be glad you’re on top of this Freak Show Friday freakish TV trend.

That flash you see at the stoplight may be MTV’s Cribs playing in the door next to you

TVs in car doors

You’ve seen Christmas lights on cars during the holidays, right? And we’re sure there are a few trucks running around your town with neon glowing from underneath? At least until the local cops give them a ticket. Well, we guess this is a similar thing? A lighted display on each door. For your pleasure. 

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But why stop at just four doors? Why not try to daisy-chain them around the car? Have one on the hood, trunk, and four fenders, too? They may need to be smaller but it carries the TV theme around the whole car. If four makes sense who is to say 10 isn’t even better?

A real trick would be to have the whole door become the screen

Mercedes with TVs in doors

The real trick would be to have the whole door become the screen. We wonder if one could heat a big TV screen to conform to the door panel? Then the image would take up the entire door instead of like a pea in a big bowl. Get it?

But wait, there’s more! The Charger is sporting an interesting trap door-like thing on the roof. Is it a toilet seat? Or a submarine hatch? How about some autonomous driving gear. We think it might be a projector so that when the car is parked it can display on a blank wall what is also seen on the doors. 

What is that on top of the car?

freak show magnum with TVs in doors

If it is a projector we like that it is painted the same color as the car. That way it all ties together. However, if it is some cool hatch or something else we wish there were other images to check it out. Alas, we cannot find any to help fulfill our obligation to give you the full skinny on everything going on here.

As if that all isn’t enough the Mercedes is sporting some huge and baroque gold wheels that tie in nicely with the flopping paint. Do you see it shift from aqua to gold? Also, notice how they had to hammer down the design line running through the doors where each TV screen is? We’d like to ask the owner why not just shift them down three inches to fit between that line and the door bumper strips?

freak show TVs in car doors

To be honest, if they had done it that way the screens would line up with the strip and not look like they are running downhill. Oh, look at us: the critics. The bottom line is that these two examples of what could be the biggest trend in Freakdom have been successfully pulled off. So, stick with Freak Show Friday to see the latest and greatest in trends and other things.