BMW SUVs With Flair: Tesla-Like Falcon-Wing Doors on Future Models

It is intriguing to see the various patents that automakers file, such as the one that Ford recently submitted for a hologram that projects above a vehicle. Sometimes, nothing ever comes out of these patent filings. However, in many cases, these patents turn up on future models. It’s wonderful to dream big. BMW did this with its recent patent filing for SUVs with Tesla-like falcon-wing doors.

Will BMW SUVs have falcon-wing doors?

Dark blue 2022 BMW X7 parked on a desert landscape
2022 BMW X7 | BMW

Again, this is only a patent, but the BMW patent filing for the falcon-wing doors is an exciting development. This is because they do not lack flamboyance. Despite their presence on the Tesla Model X, they are a rarity for vehicles. BMW could install the falcon-wing doors on any of its SUVs. However, the most likely models to get the falcon-wing doors are the BMW X7 and the upcoming X8, as well as any of BMW’s future electric models (see below).

The BMW falcon-wing doors are flamboyant but have a functional purpose

As depicted in the patent drawings, the doors have a falcon-wing design. They are flamboyant but perhaps not quite as extreme as the falcon-wing doors on the Tesla Model X. While the doors in the patent are quite showy, they have a functional purpose.

In one of the drawings, a large three-row SUV shows part of the roof open with the door. A second sketch features the roof lifting upwards after the rear door opens. The purpose of these unique features is to make it easier to get into the SUV. Passengers can enter both the center sears and the third-row seats without having to bend down their heads. 

BMW SUVs with rearward-facing seats

White 2022 BMW X7 driving on a desert highway
2022 BMW X7 | BMW

The falcon-wing doors are not the only unique feature in the patent. The patent also includes a configuration for rearward-facing seats. For the configuration, the second-row seats would face rearward, while the third-row seats would be in the typical forward-facing position. This would create a limo-style SUV that’s in the vein of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS.

For the rearward-facing seats, the doors could be opened in two different ways. First, passengers can open the doors with the cutout in place. For the other method, passengers can remove the roof panel from the door and then open the door in an upwards direction. The opening mechanism could function electrically, hydraulically, or mechanically. As you can see, this BMW is not your typical SUV, to say the least.

Falcon-wing doors for all-electric BMW vehicles


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If implemented, the falcon-wing doors would likely be used for electric versions of its BMW vehicles. Specifically, the falcon-wing doors would be most suitable for the Neue Klasse platform that’s for BMW’s future EVs. This is because of the wording in the patent. It states that the configuration provides space for batteries.

If you had some money to spare, would you like to drive away in an electric BMW SUV with falcon-wing doors and limo-like rearward facing seats? It’s difficult to say for sure if the configurations in the patent will come to fruition. However, it’s exciting that an automaker like BMW is thinking outside of the box with its vehicle designs.