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Could a BMW X8 and X8 M be on the horizon? If a certain filing at a German trademark and patent office is any indication, the answer is a tantalizing yes. The BMW SUV line is already massive, with seven different SUVs in production. The model range tops out with the BMW X7, the largest BMW ever built. What could be next but the X8, and hopefully an X8 M?

Rumors of the BMW X8

There has been talk of a BMW X8 for quite a while. Ever since the X7 came out in 2018 with its massive proportions, fans have been speculating what’s next for BMW SUVs. Since the X7 has no M line of its own, there are hopes for a new, turbocharged BMW SUV which would take on the BMW X8 M moniker.

The new BMW X8 could possibly be a fastback coupe model. The coupe-SUV segment was a BMW invention and began with the 2008 BMW X6, combining the sleek lines of a coupe vehicle with the practicality of an SUV. Other brands followed suit, and so did BMW with the X2 and the X4. It’s logical that the new X8 would be this type of crossover vehicle. 

A brand-new trademark for the X8 M name

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On March 24, 2020, BMW filed an application to trademark the name “X8 M” with the German trademark and patent office. It was officially registered on April 1, 2020 with the Register number 302020103935.

The filing means that the company could already have an X8 underway, and with the X8 M name registered, we can hope for a turbocharged powerhouse version in the near future. 

Although the patent may just mean that BMW is holding the names for the future, it’s nice to hope these new vehicles will soon be making their appearance.

If the releases follow the BMW pattern, they would wait at least a year after the X8 to release the turbocharged M version, which would put it close to 2023 before we see it on the roads. According to some observers, it could be the most expensive BMW yet, topping the current M760i for sale at $157,800.

The BMW X series lineup

BMW brought us one of the very first luxury SUVs, the BMW X5. Since then, they have expanded the lineup to include 7 distinctly different BMW SUVs.

The latest, the BMW X7, is the biggest the German carmaker has ever built. BMW SUVs currently in production are the X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, and X7. If you’re looking for the turbocharged engines, you’ll find them in the M versions in models X3 through X6. 

BMW SUVs are known for combining luxury, style, and performance in a stylish package. They have a sports car mentality, with near 50/50 weight distribution and clean aerodynamics. They’re now calling their SUVs SAVs, meaning Sports Activity Vehicles. BMW believes that word more accurately describes what its customers do with their vehicles.

Another hallmark of the BMW X series is the space. Whether you choose a Sports Activity Vehicle or a Sports Activity Coupe, they each have a roomy interior with plenty of cargo space. When you combine this with the thrills behind the wheel of a turbocharged BMW M, you get an intoxicating combo of power, performance, and utility. 

Although it doesn’t necessarily mean the world is getting a new BMW SUV model, the new trademark certainly gives us some fuel for speculation. We can only wonder how big BMW engineers are willing to go, and what incredible new features may be on the new X8.