Do You Want a Hologram For Your Car?: Future Ford and Lincoln Models May Have Custom Versions

Hologram technology has rapidly advanced. Deceased celebrities like Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Pressley came back to life in holographic form for live concerts. On a practical level, automotive manufacturers like Ford use holographic technologies to aid them in their designs. Now, Ford is taking holographic technology a step further. The automaker filed a patent for custom holograms that project from future Ford and Lincoln cars.

The purpose of the Ford hologram is to help you locate your car

Front view of maroon 2021 Lincoln Navigator
2021 Lincoln Navigator | Lincoln

While the holograms for Ford and Lincoln vehicles may seem like a showy accessory, they have a functional purpose. By projecting the hologram above your car, you can locate your car in a crowded parking lot more easily. It can also help you find your car at night or when there is not much visibility. 

In addition to above the car, the hologram could project above the hood ornament. The patent also includes information about projecting holograms from the side of a car, like a futuristic puddle light. Another interesting feature is the ability to create your own custom holograms. Ford also notes in the patent that a gasoline, hybrid, or electric vehicle could use the holograms.

Ford workers testing Microsoft HoloLens with Ford Fusion
Ford Tests Microsoft HoloLens | Ford

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For the drawings in the patent, the hologram is above a sedan. However, Ford doesn’t sell new sedans in the U.S. anymore, so it will likely be for one of its luxury SUVs. For Lincoln, the hologram technology could be applied to the Navigator, Aviator, Corsair, or Nautilus. For Ford, it could be applied to one of the top-of-the-line trims of the Expedition or Explorer

This is how Ford describes the hologram in its patent:

“It relates to a holographic projection system and method for a vehicle. It has been recognized that there is a need for a holographic projection system and method for a vehicle, which can help vehicle users find their vehicle easily, especially in the case of cloudy, night, or other low light conditions.”

– Ford patent for car hologram

It’s like magic: Holograms for Ford and Lincoln cars that appear on water

The holograms for Tupac Shakar and many other deceased celebrities project on clear mylar. However, the holograms for the Ford and Lincoln vehicles appear to be far more advanced. It displays on water. It seems like magic, but there is a scientific explanation.

The holographic technology has three components. This includes a water mist-producing device, a hologram projection device, and a controller that makes the two devices coordinate together. The water could be sourced from either an air conditioning condensate recovery system or by collecting it from the rain.

Ford uses holograms as a design aid for its cars

Ford already has a considerable amount of experience with holograms. Using Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality technology, automotive designers and engineers conceptualize 3D cars long before they become a reality. This helps with the decision-making process and saves a great deal of time, resources, and money.

How do you feel about a hologram projected from your car? Is it a cheesy accessory, or would you find it useful? Either way, the Ford holograms are an innovative and interesting use of new technology.

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