BMW and Kith Collaborate to Make an M4 Ready for Fashion Week

Limited edition collaborations between automotive companies and outside markets have been around for a long time. Although there have been many different marketplace cross overs, apparel companies have been the most common collaborators with automakers. AMC had cars with Levi’s interior, L.L. Bean has worked with everyone, and Ford just announced the Filson and Bronco collab. The latest example of these limited collaborations is the BMW M4 kitted out by the streetwear company Kith.

What is Kith?

Kith is a streetwear apparel company specializing in expensive, label-heavy sneakers, sweatshirts, jackets, and nearly anything else they can fit a logo on. Now that list includes BMWs.

BMW x Kith M4 collaboration
BMW x Kith M4 collaboration

Gear Patrol talks about the owner and operator of Kith, Ronnie Feig’s long history with BMW. When Feig was young, his grandfather had a BMW E30 M3. Feig remembers going on rides in his grandad’s prized BMW, cementing Feig’s love for cool BMWs. 

The BMW M4 Kith edition

The newest generation BMW M4 and M3 made quite the splash when released with their new, bucktoothed face. While these cars still play the enthusiast card with manual gearboxes and multiple driveline options, the new face gave many BMW fans pause. Well, Kith is here to help by dressing it up and calling attention elsewhere. 

BMW M4 x Kith
BMW x Kith M4 collaboration | BMW

The special edition M4 is based on the high-power competition version of the BMW. The M4 Competition comes with 503 hp, AWD, and, maybe predictably, the BMW eight-speed automatic transmission. The BMW M4 x Kith will have an optional carbon-fiber roof that, if ordered, will have Kith woven in grey into the roof. All other performance specs are consistent with the normal M4 Competition. 

The BMW M4 x Kith interior

The streetwear Bimmer is loaded with Kith logos. The interior is heavy laden with BMW tri-color trim with Kith embossed all over. Armrests, control console, backs of seats, and even the M4’s badging is splattered with the Kith logo. I know it seems repetitive, but the logo is literally repeated like a blanket of stamps on the center console. This marks the first time in BMW history where the marque has issued a modified version of their classic blue and white badge for a collaboration. Both the front and rear traded the BMW name for Kith. 

BMW M4 x Kith
BMW x Kith M4 collaboration | BMW

BMW’s M4 is a Turbocharged, Two-Doored, Tire-Shredding Trackoholic

According to Gear Patrol, the seats, which of course are dripping with Kith, are the new M carbon seats. These bad boys are 21-pounds lighter than the standard buckets. While they truly look the part for properly-secure race seating, there is an odd crotchal protrusion (that was the most appropriate way I could think to say that and still have a giggle) that seems less than ideal for any hard braking or a sudden shift in direction. 

Further Kith and BMW gear

The collaboration between Kith and BMW doesn’t stop with the car. You can now buy all the BMW swag you could ever possibly desire by picking from the 94-piece collection. I’m talking scarves, shirts, shoes, sweatshirts, hats, and even a Long Island-approved velour tracksuit. 

The real cost of owning this rolling billboard

BMW and Kith are both luxury brands that command high prices. It should come as no surprise to see a high number on the collab. If you want to own one of the 150 BMW is making, you’ll need to fork over a minimum of $110,000 to start; of course, options will drive that number a bit higher. 

More than the money, the real cost of owning the BMW M4 x Kith collab is being a walking (well, rolling) billboard. I know the name is what the brand is built on, but the smattering of Kith logos around the car feels cartoonish and maybe even slightly embarrassing. Subtly has been axe murdered and thrown into the Hudson River, ironically, most likely by someone in a BMW x Kith Velour tracksuit.