Want A New 2021 BMW M3/M4 But Hate The Grille? Here’s The Fix!

Just how disappointing are the giant beaver teeth grilles on the 2021 BMW M3 and M4? Enough that alternative front ends are being designed in a frenzied fix for BMW. But not from a stubborn BMW. It won’t admit to its mistakes just like it refused to admit the “Bangle butt” rears of the 7 Series were bad back in the day. No, instead this comes from the aftermarket. So if you want a new BMW but hate the grille, as most seem to, then here’s the fix.

Why BMW won’t admit the 2021 M3 and M4 front fascia design is a mistake and move on is puzzling. The grilles have grown over the years to humorously exaggerated lengths. Knowing its intransigence over the criticism it has been expected that the aftermarket would take up the charge and so now it has.

The 2021 BMW M3 and M4 improvement will reinforce that bad design is universal

The first of what is expected to be many fixes comes from Prior Design in Germany. The improvement will reinforce that bad design is universal. Prior Design has several different designs. Each one seems to be better than the next and all of them exceed the factory’s front end by miles. 

The downside is that right now these are digital concepts only. But Prior Design told The Drive that they are in the works. “As the feedback regarding this design was very positive, we are probably going to produce and release this bumper for sale in the future,” a company spokesperson told The Drive

We expect Prior Design’s commitment to the BMW grille improvement to be fulfilled

Prior Design grille fix for the ugly 2021 M3 and M4 BMW | PD

Prior Design has been around for years and has a solid reputation in the aftermarket. So we are expecting their commitment to the improvement to be fulfilled. And welcomed. We predict that with the success of the transformation of hundreds of the otherwise decent-looking M3/M4 offerings BMW will soon capitulate.

The last time we looked, coupe and sedan production by almost all companies is way off from in the past. SUVs and crossovers are what is selling now. So why compromise the looks of your latest and greatest products with a beaver-tooth front end? Hey BMW, make the change and sell some cars. 

Someone should tell BMW that it is in the business of selling cars

Another fascia concept to fix the 2021 BMW M3/M4 | PD

Maybe someone should tell the company that it is in the business of selling cars, not making silly statements. Design is sometimes about being daring but not about being blind. Designers will tell you they like controversial designs. They say it is better to have a polarizing design than an OK design that everyone is OK with.

That can be true. But within the context of 2021 M3 and M4, the design is just ridiculous. Especially when it is the mangling of something iconic like the BMW split kidney grille. We can imagine some really sexy ways to emphasize that grille but not in the cartoonish way it has been wrought. 

Bad design is never good design unless you’re BMW

Still another Prior Design grille fix for the ugly 2021 M3 and M4 BMW

2021 BMW 4-Series Sporting ‘Beaver Fang’ Grille: Oh No!

We would love to know what the reception of the beaver-tooth grilles has been from enthusiasts. BMW enthusiast, that is. Buying BMW enthusiasts to be specific. If they have been giving BMW the thumbs down sign then something is broken at BMW. 

Wrong is never right, and Prior Design has confirmed that with these new fascias. As with the sixth-gen Camaro with the gaping front end, Chevy quickly changed it and pressed on. BMW should take a nod from Chevy and get with the business of selling M3 and M4 coupes and sedans.