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When it comes to customer loyalty, there is no other automaker that can compete with Subaru. What Subaru lacks in size, it makes up for in unique vehicles that complement many different types of lifestyles. But what exactly makes Subaru such a special company? Why are Subaru customers willing to be loyal to this automaker? Here is everything you need to know about what makes Subaru such a successful company.

Subaru is the little engine that could

Subaru got started in an incredibly unique way. The first Subaru vehicle that was produced for the U.S. market was the Subaru 360. This little economy car could be used as a coupe, van, or even a truck. The Subaru 360 looked like a mix between a Volkswagen Beetle and a micro-sized Japanese city car, and the advertising team took full advantage of this with the tagline, “Cheap and ugly does it.” As Subaru continued to develop, it was known as the company with cheap, quirky vehicles like the Subaru BRAT, which was an all-wheel drive compact truck with seats mounted in the bed.

By the late 1980s and early 1990s, Subaru released the Legacy and the SVX, showing the world that the Subaru name was not just for quirky cars, but for cutting-edge upscale vehicles as well. It was around this time that Subaru vehicles became well-known for their capability.

Leading up to today, every Subaru vehicle in the lineup comes standard with all-wheel drive and fantastic safety ratings. Even at the lowest-priced Subaru on the marketplace, all-wheel drive is standard, making them perfect for outdoorsy consumers. Subaru found its niche in the marketplace, and it continues to impress even today.

What explains Subaru customer loyalty?

Subaru has always been popular because the company has never appeared aloof to its consumers. From calling its vehicle ugly back in the 1960s to avoiding boring corporate advertising, Subaru has always been down to earth as a company. Subaru also gives back to its communities as well. Recently via Subaru Media, the Subaru Share the Love Event was announced for this year, which has Subaru dealers aiming to donate more than $285 million to its national and hometown charities.

During this event, for every Subaru purchased or leased at a Subaru dealer, Subaru will donate $250 to a charity. Better yet, the Subaru buyer will be able to choose which specific charity will receive the donation. During this campaign, Subaru dealers will also donate $5 to a hometown charity for every routine service performed as well.

A car company that values its customers – imagine that!

Subaru has always looked after its customers. At first, Subaru offered capable, safe, all-wheel drive vehicles that fit the needs of active car buyers. Now, through events like Subaru’s Share the Love Event, consumers can get behind the wheel of a Subaru while also donating money to local charities. Better yet, having the purchaser choose where the donation goes specifically, helps Subaru connect with its dealers’ communities even more.

Subaru customers have always been incredibly loyal, and with so many car companies appearing incredibly distant to their consumers, it’s no surprise why the incredibly personable Subaru brand continues to hold on to customers for life.


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