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It’s been a good year for Subaru sales. The Japanese automaker released its first EV, and sales are up across the board. In fact, the recent data reveals that not a single Subaru is lagging behind. It’s a huge accomplishment, and if things continue, then Subaru will be in a great place going into 2024.

Subaru sales for every model is showing growth

Subaru currently has nine vehicles on the market, and each of them is improving in terms of sales. Some are showing major growth since 2022, and others are only minor, but it’s all in the green.

The Subaru WRX has not been embraced by car buyers for a few years now, but that all seems to be changing. In fact, according to GoodCarBadCar, the WRX has shown the most growth of any Subaru in the lineup. 

In 2022, up to this point, it sold only 11,046 vehicles. This changed in 2023 when the number leaped to 18,944 units for an increase of 71.50%. This may not be the most Subaru sales in the lineup, but it’s a great sign that things are changing for the WRX.

The BRZ comes in second place with an increase of 40.56%. The numbers aren’t that high, as it sold 2,199 vehicles YTD in 2022 and 3,091 units in 2023. Consumers are buying in greater numbers, however, which is what counts.

The Forester sold an impressive 69,151 vehicles in 2022. In 2023, this increased by 31.75% to 91,108 units. 

The Impreza sold 21.46% more vehicles in 2023, as only 20,003 cars left the lot in 2022, and 24,296 units were sold this year.

The Outback is once again proving why it’s one of Subaru’s most popular vehicles, as it sold 96,907 vehicles in 2022. For 2023, the number jumped by 11.79% to 108,334 vehicles.

The Solterra shows up as an increase of 0%, but that’s because it’s Subaru’s first EV, and 2023 is the first year it’s been available. So far, it’s sold 4,645 vehicles. Things are still hazy for the Solterra, as it’s already been recalled due to a risk of the wheels falling off. Subaru is working on this, however, so we’ll just have to wait and see how the sales numbers pan out in 2024.

These models aren’t showing as much growth

The percentage of sales for these following Subarus may not be as high, but don’t let that fool you. They’re still performing very well, and in the case of the Crosstrek, it’s overtaken the Forester in terms of total sales. While it’s true that 2.05% isn’t that much, it sold 99,252 units in 2022 and 101,291 units this year. That’s more than the WRX or BRZ. 

The Ascent is also doing well, even though it’s only shown a growth of 2.98%. For 2022, it sold 41,058 models, and it had a slight jump to 42,282 units in 2023.

Finally, the Legacy sold 15,841 units in 2022 and 16,894 models in 2023, for an increase of 6.65%. 

It’s rare to see a company see growth over the entire lineup


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Most automakers have a few great sellers, a couple that are showing a little growth, and then one or two vehicles that consumers are ignoring. It’s extremely rare for an entire lineup to be showing growth like Subaru is. Whether this means Subaru is now the automaker to beat remains to be seen, but it’s clear that other automakers should take note of what Subaru is doing right.

The standard all-wheel drive on everything but the BRZ, which has rear-wheel drive, affordable prices, attractive vehicles, and reliability consumers can count on to keep car buyers coming back for more. It may not be the most popular Japanese automaker, but Subaru sales are proving that it’s an automaker that can deliver what consumers want.