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As summer wraps up, automakers are sharing their current car sales trajectories and gearing up for a big 3Q and 4Q push. Some of those metrics can point to unique trends and tell stories about your favorite new models, too. If you happen to be a Subaru fan, you might be interested in seeing what’s happening with the WRX.

The Subaru WRX may not have been a fan-favorite kicking off last year. But the sales figures suggest that those trends are shifting. See how many Subaru WRX models sold last year and the spike in sales this year. Predictions point to a pretty big bounce-back year.

A year-to-date comparison of the Subaru WRX sales figures

Subaru infused the 2023 WRX with more of its rally-racing heritage, hoping to boost sales and engage with more car-buying consumers. It’s a little rough around the edges, as Edmunds points out, but all-wheel drive capabilities and brisk acceleration are precisely what Subaru enthusiasts expect. The Subaru WRX was redesigned in 2022, and the automaker really leaned into improving traction, handling, and performance in 2023. 

GoodCarBadCar recently released the sales data for all 2023 US vehicle models, including some year-over-year comparison metrics. The Subaru WRX sold 5,636 total models in 2Q of last year. But in 2Q 2023, those sales surged to 7,764. And in the year-to-date analysis of sales, the WRX has already sold 17,267 models, which is a 97.52% percentage hike from 2022.

Why there seems to be a dramatic spike in sales this year

The 2023 Subaru WRX is loaded with value. You can buy one for $30,605-$43,395, and you’re getting a whole lot of car when you do. It’s a comfortable sedan (no hatchback this year) with great driving dynamics and tons of Subaru-favorite tech and driver aids. Additionally, Subaru has some of the most loyal car buyers of all the brands out there.

Under the hood, you’ll have a turbocharged, 271-horsepower, flat-four engine. And you can choose between a CVT automatic or a six-speed manual transmission, which could be the reason for the boost in sales and consumer appeal. As Car and Driver shares, the team put the six-speed manual WRX through the test course, achieving 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. Of course, you’ll also enjoy the all-wheel drive.

There are four trims from which to choose. Of the base, Premium, Limited, and GT trims, the most popular trim is the Premium. And there are plenty of upgrades with Premium trim that might also be spurring the increased WRX sales this year. Premium adds 18-inch dark gray wheels, heated side mirrors, a rear spoiler, heated front seats, Starlink connectivity, windshield wiper de-icer system, and more.

Subaru WRX projections for the rest of the year


What Do the Letters WRX Stand for in the Subaru WRX?

Breaking down the 2023 Subaru WRX sales data by month this year, you can see slight variations. January, February, and March showed sharp inclines, with 2,006, 2,598, and 3,005 units sold respectively. There was a slight cooling off in 2Q, with April, May, and June sales clocking at 2,667, 2,771, and 2,326, respectively. 

July sales slowed more dramatically, with only 1,894 Subaru WRX models rolling off the dealership lots for the month. But based on consumer buying trends and the typical financing and buying incentives that come toward the end of the year, sales will likely grow again.

The 2023 WRX is worth considering and seems to be having a bounce-back year in terms of sales and consumer appeal. And even if the hot record sales cool off the rest of the year, the Subaru can call 2023 a win for the WRX.