The Best Thing to Include in Your Craigslist Truck (and Car) Ad

Selling a used truck or car isn’t easy. This is especially when posting an ad over the Internet, such as on Craigslist. Your post has to stand out amongst the crowd, which can sometimes include scam artists. But there are several good tips and tricks for making sure you have a good ad for your vehicle. And here’s the best thing to include in your Craigslist truck or car ad.

Craigslist needs good photos

Both The Drive and Jalopnik agree that taking good photos of your truck or car is key for making a good Craigslist ad. For one, simply having an image helps your ad catch the eye. But one image alone isn’t enough. For one, a single photo in an ad can sometimes indicate suspicious activity. Business Insider and The Daily Dot report that seeing the same image appear in different Craigslist ads, especially ones in different parts of the state or country, is usually a sign of a scam. For another, one picture doesn’t provide enough information.

A good Craigslist truck or car post will include multiple interior and exterior photos. Going over every single nook and cranny isn’t necessary. But, if your truck or car has any interesting or unusual features, photos are a great way to show them off. The same applies to any past damage or rusty areas. Craigslist allows quite a few photos, but if you end up taking more, sites like Flickr or Imgur provide storage options.

Although having a high-end camera helps, you don’t really need one. A smartphone camera, or a digital point-and-shoot, is enough. Just make sure you clean both the car and the camera lens before taking the photos. In addition, framing and positioning your truck or car is important. The goal of including all these photos is to portray your vehicle as clearly and honestly as possible.

Give Craigslist buyers a clear and honest evaluation

Pictures don’t just present your truck or car. They help explain what’s up with it. Reading the same “rust in the rear quarter panel” line, two people will imagine two completely different things. Having a clear photo of the rusty area removes ambiguity, which is the ultimate goal of the ad.

Yes, a Craigslist ad’s job is to help sell your truck or car. That does require tailoring what features you describe to the intended audience. But no matter if someone’s after a work truck or a Baja racer, they don’t want to feel misinformed. Listing the odometer reading and providing maintenance records is important, of course. But having photo evidence of everything assures the potential buyer that they’re looking at something genuine.

Pictures also help both buyers and sellers gauge prices and save time. An F-150 ad may describe the truck as being in “good condition”. But when a buyer rolls up, they find the truck’s all scratched up and missing a tailgate. Now they have to decide if they want to keep going or offer less money. Or, a GMC Syclone may have high miles, but photos show meticulous service records and no rust. Then, a seller may be comfortable raising the price a bit, and a buyer OK with paying more.

So, make sure your Craigslist truck or car ad has some quality photos. It’s the best thing to make that sale.