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A mercedes benz a class on display

What is the Best Car? Edmunds Answers Plain and Simply

There is so much that goes into a statement that would answer the question as to "what is the best car" and when it comes down to it, there isn't a wrong answer, but according to Edmunds, these are some of the best options for a small variety of categories of cars.

Edmunds isn’t shy about directly ranking cars against one another, and they base this ranking off of scores that can be statistically backed with their rigorous testing. Even if you look through their list of recommended cars, which is broken down into so many categories based on car size, type, style, and price, things can get a bit confusing. But, if you look past all of the lists designed to help you decide which cars are the best of each category, there is one list that shows what cars are the best overall.

What is the best car?

While everyone has a different opinion of what the best car is out there, it is genuinely hard to narrow it down. Cars have different purposes and styles, accessories, and features for different drivers, each of whom are looking for different things. So the real answer is that there is a different definition of the ‘best car’ for each and every driver. But that’s not something we can statistically back.

Luckily for us, if you’re looking for a less ambiguous answer, Edmunds has plainly listed the cars they believe are the best overall, even if it is still broken down by smaller categories.

Honda Accord | Yichuan Cao, NurPhoto, Getty Images

Mainstream and luxury cars

There were four cars listed total among the choices of what Edmunds has ranked for ‘best cars’ and it’s worth noting that these choices are kept separate from trucks, SUVs, and hybrids/electric vehicles. The first choice is among the most mainstream cars, meaning, if the average buyer were to go out and pick a vehicle today at the recommendation of Edmunds, it would be a Honda Accord.

Of course, if you are looking for a luxury vehicle, there is an option there too. If the Honda Accord doesn’t interest you, the other car mentioned is the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, a strong option among a seemingly endless number of choices for luxury vehicles.

A mercedes benz a class on display
Mercedes-Benz A Class | Sjoerd van der Wal, Getty Images

Sportier options still

There was no separate category for determining what the best sports car was, but Edmunds didn’t shy away from some honorable mentions. If you want the reviewer’s opinion on sportier options, their go-to choice is the newly redesigned mid-engine C8 Corvette. If you want something with a different kind of heritage steeped in racing, they also chose the redesigned Porsche 911.

This is just the website’s most general overview of what they see as the current best cars on the market, and there is little to no explanation given otherwise. Of course, there are still many other highly-rated options for each category if none of these suit your fancy, but it’s definitely a jumping-off point for discussion when it comes to what is truly believed to be the ‘best car.’


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