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A metallic-red 2021 Ford F-150 Lariat four-door pickup truck traveling on a two-lane highway past thick trees on a sunny day

Here’s the Most Popular Vehicle in Your State

Everyone is unique and that goes for what vehicle you drive. It also goes for each state in the US. Every state has one vehicle that is the most popular and we've got them all covered-including territories and provinces. So check out what vehicle is most popular in your state.

Where you live and what appeals to you about your city or state fits your own personality and psyche. There is a lot of pride many take in what state they live in. And every state has its own identity, right down to what types of cars or trucks appeal to the masses. To that end, here are the most popular vehicles in each state and province of the US. 

RL Polk most popular vehicles in each state
RL Polk most popular vehicles in each state | Polk

“Don’t mess with Texas.” “California is for dreamers.” “Alaska: Beyond your dreams, within your reach.” Every state has its unique and interesting qualities. But according to this RL Polk map of the most popular vehicles in each state, there are more similarities than differences. Maybe we’re not as different as we think? 

In over 50 states and provinces, there are only 10 most popular vehicles. In fact, most of the US likes just one vehicle the most, and that is the Ford F-Series truck. There are over 30 states that find the F-Series the most popular. 

A blue Ford F-150 Raptor on display at an auto show
A Ford F-150 Raptor pick up truck on display | Qilai Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The next most popular vehicle is a crossover; the Toyota RAV4. But it tops the list of only seven states and provinces including DC and Puerto Rico. Coming in third place is a tie between the Chevy Silverado and the Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 truck. Each finds favor in five states. 

The Honda CR-V is oddly clustered as the most popular in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Why that small slice of the US favors the CR-V we may never know, but it is interesting. Rounding out the last states with one vehicle each is California and the Honda Civic, Hawaii and the Toyota Tacoma, and Florida with the Toyota Corolla. 

Except for Florida and California, the country favors trucks and crossovers

2021 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Limited Crew Cab Dually driving
2021 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Limited Crew Cab Dually | Stellantis

In general, one could say that with the exception of Florida and California, the rest of the country and provinces favor trucks and crossovers. It makes sense that in rural areas of the country pickups and crossovers are favored. Whether for agriculture or because of how far houses can sometimes be from supplies, you have to have a vehicle that can carry stuff. 

And even though things can get spread out in both Florida and California, populations tend to cluster tighter. So a pickup isn’t as necessary. And as pickups and SUVs become more luxurious, they’ve become more popular as they share features with cars. They also have shed the stigma as being just a “farm implement.” 


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