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Hot Dogging is a term often used for someone showing off. Oscar Mayer has taken liberties with this term and is looking for new drivers for the iconic Wienermobile. The company calls these drivers “Hotdoggers” and is looking for the next class to drive this easily recognizable 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels. Could you be one of the next to drive the Weinermobile?

Two Hotdoggers Posing with the Wienermobile
Two Hotdoggers Posing with the Wienermobile | Oscar Mayer

What are the qualifications of a Hotdogger?

Whenever this job opening is advertised, swarms of applicants submit their resumes and qualifications. Yahoo Finance reports that Oscar Mayer selects less than 1% of applicants for the position. This highly competitive position has some surprising requirements, including:

  • Strong communication skills and social media savvy
  • Bachelor’s degree – preferred fields are public relations, communication, journalism, and marketing
  • A love of hot dog puns is a helpful condiment (see what they did there)

Does this job offer enough benefits?

The allure of driving a massive hot dog on wheels could be enough for some people, but like any job, it could get tedious or boring after a few days. Drivers spend most of the time driving from one city to another, but these drivers are the public face of Oscar Mayer hot dogs.

Some of the benefits of the job are:

  • Base salary $35,600
  • Weekly meal and personal travel allowance $150 – $7,200 for the year
  • 18 days paid time off
  • Full health benefits package
  • 100% of hotel expenses covered

What’s the life of a Hotdogger like?

Wienermobile drivers travel and maintain one of the six models of the hot dog on wheels. Each iconic vehicle covers nearly 20,000 miles in a year, visiting more than 20 states. During the year, Hotdoggers hand out the coveted Wiener Whistles, a hot-dog-shaped whistle kids love receiving from the Hotdoggers. These drivers hand out more than 250,000 of these whistles every year.

During the tour, Hotdoggers must create content for the Oscar Mayer social media channels and act as the face of the company. These drivers have performed duties like ambassadors of the brand. Some of these duties have included:

  • Travel to Puerto Rico
  • Overseeing weddings in Las Vegas
  • Introducing hot dog-flavored frozen pops in New York City (yuck)

How can applicants submit their resumes to Oscar Mayer?

The first Oscar Mayer Wienermobile hit the road in 1936 with the first class of Hotdoggers behind the wheel. This made it an instant celebrity on wheels. This new class will be the 37th such group. Applications for this coveted position must be submitted to this link by January 31, 2024.

If you want to travel several states in the country, enjoy meeting new people, and want to drive an incredibly recognizable vehicle, this could be the job for you. Will you be one of the next Hotdoggers behind the wheel of the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile?