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Push notifications and tornado warning sirens exist for good reasons. These violent vortexes can flatten homes, send trucks flying, and yes, even derail trains. Such was the case with a recent tornado video captured by a conductor and engineer documenting high-speed carnage as an EF-3 tornado hits their freight train head-on. Fortunately, the safety of the train car was enough to protect the duo. 

A viral tornado video documented sheer devastation as an EF-3 slammed into a freight train in Nebraska

An EF-3 tornado is no joke. Sure, it’s not an EF-5 like the 200+ mph system that cut a swath of destruction across Moore, Oklahoma in 2013. However, an EF-3 event still carries a “strong” classification from the National Weather Service (NWS) with wind speeds up to 165 mph. That’s faster than a S550 Ford Mustang GT. As such, anything an EF-3 crashes into is in for a world of hurt.

That much was confirmed by a recent viral tornado video captured by a freight train conductor and engineer. The video documents the swirling weather event as it sends building materials, trees, and debris soaring. As the conductor and engineer watched, the EF-3 tornado hit their train as it sat on the tracks in Waverly, Nebraska, per FOX Weather. Check out the freight train conductor’s intense Tornado video below!

The tornado video hit the internet amid a series of similar events spread out among the American plains and midwest. Fortunately, the pair responsible for the video were uninjured in the event. However, the video reveals the sheer force of the vortex, as debris shatters the train’s protective double-pane windows.

A tornado causes a train derailment.
Train derailment | FOX Weather

Consequently, the tornado derailed 31 of the train’s cars. However, the event resulted in no injuries or hazardous material (HAZMAT) spillage.