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Mercedes G-Wagon
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These Are the Most Common Celebrity Cars

Celebrities are people too, and it's human nature to gravitate towards certain things. Just like how people looking for a budget cars gravitate towards Toyota Corollas, these are the cars Celebrities buy the most.
A Newmar Corp King Aire RV has all its storage compartment door open on the bottom of the bus.

These 5 Large RVs Are Amongst the Largest Ever Made

An RV can come in just about any size and for any budget. Understandably, the larger they get, the more features they tend to have. But not always. There are large RVs for the budget-conscious, while another one of the same size could be made for those with more affluent tastes. Then there’s the special …
American actor Steve McQueen (1930 - 1980) (as Frank Bullitt) hangs his arm out the driverside window of a car in a scene from 'Bullitt' (directed by Peter Yates), California, 1968.
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Steve McQueen, Mr. Cool’s Custom Camper Truck At Auction

Steve McQueen is known to some in the automotive world as Mr. Cool. He was a good actor, with good looks, and had a passion for cars. In fact, he even did some movies that were car-centric. His popularity in the automotive world is such that years after he passed away, anything related to him that …
Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman standing in front of their blue and orange Harley-Davidson LiveWires in the middle of the desert
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Ewan McGregor Goes a Long Way Thanks to Rivian and the Harley-Davidson Livewire

Electric vehicles, whether trucks or motorcycles aren’t typically the steeds of choice for off-road adventures. Especially not ones like the Harley-Davidson LiveWire which, despite offering genuinely impressive performance, isn’t exactly an ADV bike. But if an Indian Scout Sixty can tackle Amazonian jungles, then an electric Harley should be able to as well. And movie …
Yellow 1989 Fiat 126p hatchback with a roof rack on the beach
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You Can Own One of Tom Hanks’ Favorite Cars: The Fiat 126p

Some interesting automotive treasures have come from behind the Iron Curtain. The Lada Niva SUV, for example, is so tough, it’s still in production over 40 years later. And Fiat, with its history of economy cars like the original 500, similarly shaped the Eastern Bloc car landscape. There was one Fiat in particular that achieved …
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An Audi R8 Isn’t Robert Downey Jr.’s Only Exotic Car

Like a lot of celebrities, Robert Downey Jr. has quite the car collection and an Audi R8 isn’t the most exotic car in his fleet. It should be a no-brainer that he does have a special partnership with Audi, considering the brand has collaborated on so many Marvel movies, but Iron Man’s car collection expands …
A black limousine is parked in a parking garage
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What Is a $1.8 Million Limousine Like

Limousines are fascinating vehicles. Rarely are any two alike. Since they are custom made, they take a long time to build, and a limousine can get pricey depending on what the customer requests to be included. So, how pricey can limousines get, and what are they like? A rare 2016 Mercedes Maybach Pullman gives the …
a rusty vintage Chevy C-10 Pickup truck parked in the grass with the hood open
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Does Post Malone Have a G-Wagon?

One of American rapper Post Malone’s most well-known songs repeats the lyric: “G-Wagon, G-Wagon, G-Wagon…” But does he own one? According to one source, this Mercedes truck does not live in his garage. But he does own some pretty interesting cars. Let’s take a look at Post Malone’s car collection. But first, let’s put one …