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Designer-turned-writer Thom Taylor is a veteran of many magazines and website articles, writing eight books about automobile design, car culture, and automotive history. He and his wife have two kids, two dogs, and no SUVs.

Porsche Boxster Shooting Brake wagon project | Van Thull-1
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Soon You Can Buy A Porsche Boxster Wagon

It’s nice to see when a modified anything comes out looking better than before the modifications. So kudos to the students at Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven Motorsport Engineering that completed the great looking Porsche Boxster shooting brake. Yeah, students did this. It was a project for Frontys’ Minor Motorsport Engineering program. It was done in conjunction …

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Could CNG Save The V8 Engine?

We get so wrapped up in diesel vs gasoline, or EV vs ICE that we sometimes forget there are other ways to power vehicles. Some are clean, and we’re not talking about hydrogen. What we are talking about is CNG; compressed natural gas. Cars and trucks have been converted to CNG for decades. It’s mostly …

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Top 10 SUVs Everybody Hates-Nobody Wants

The SUV is dominating not only America but all over the globe. It is such a huge segment now that most US vehicle manufacturers have dumped their car lines to make more SUVs and pickups. Nobody saw that coming except the beancounters. They saw the rise and decided it was more profitable to make SUVs …

2021 two-door Bronco
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And Now Here’s The 2-Door/4-Door 2021 Bronco

Within hours of posting leaked images of the Ford Bronco Sport, two images appeared on the interweb. It’s the 2021 full-size two- and four-door Bronco. Or we think it is. It looks a bit photoshopped so we’re not completely sure. The four-door looks very similar to the Sport-maybe too similar. It raises a couple of …

1966 Oldsmobile Toronado | GM
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Why Are So Many Cars Front Wheel Drive?

There are many reasons why there are so many front-wheel-drive cars. We’ll try to knock out what most of those reasons are. First some background. Front-wheel-drive has been around forever. It came into prominence in the US for racing with Harry Miller’s Indy 500 efforts in the early-1920s. In Europe, there were a number of …