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Thom Taylor

Thom Taylor is a celebrated automotive journalist whose work has been featured in Hot Rod, Rodders Journal, Hagerty, and MotorTrend. He was awarded the Top 100 Most Influential People in Hot Rodding from Hot Rod Magazine, and was inducted into the Grand National Roadster Show Hall of Fame and the National Rod and Custom Hall of Fame. He’s a member of SEMA and the NHRA. Find more of his work in his portfolio, on Muck Rack, and on LinkedIn.

Thom has authored a number of books, including Hot Rod & Custom Chronicle and several guides for drawing vehicles like a pro, which pull from his distinguished ventures as an automotive illustrator.

Thom joined the MotorBiscuit team in 2019, and focuses his coverage on new vehicle releases, design, and the latest features and tech in the industry. His tenure of 25 years writing about the industry gives him a unique context for the auto news he covers, whether it’s part of the Rusty Monday series or the latest news from Chevy. Thom has built two complete cars from the ground up and driven vintage roadsters at the Indy 500. He follows and admires the work of several journalists in the field, including Cole Coonce, Matt Taibbi, Ben Fong-Torres, and the late Brock Yates and David E. Davis, Jr.

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