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Chevrolet is shipping completed 2024 Corvettes at its Bowling Green, Kentucky, manufacturing facility, not to dealers, but to a holding yard in Pontiac, Michigan. And the number of them sitting there exceeds 100 cars. We know why they’re there, but we don’t know why they’ve been sitting for so long. 

Order holders can track where their 2024 Corvettes are while in the assembly process, when they’re complete, and when they are supposed to arrive at Chevrolet dealerships. Since the beginning of 2024 production on September 11, 2023, many have been posting on forums that their Corvettes are now just sitting in Pontiac. And they’re not happy.

Why are 2024 Corvettes sitting in a lot?

Overview of lots of C8 Corvettes in a lot
Lots of C8 Corvettes in a lot | YouTube via ScottyDTV

The reason for the detour is supposedly not over quality concerns. Instead, there are updates that the factory can’t do. As a result, the Corvettes are awaiting these updates sitting in Pontiac, Michigan. But GM is not saying what the actual issue is and when those Corvettes will get the fix to then go to dealerships. In the case of one poster at midenginecorvetteforum, he has already paid for the car and gotten license plates for it. 

The forum posters say their Corvettes have a 4150 code status, which means it is ready for delivery to dealerships, according to MacMulkin Corvette. But many have been sitting for weeks in Pontiac. There have been other periods when newly-made Corvettes sit at a holding lot behind the Bowling Green plant, but most of those have a 3800 code. That means it is set for delivery. 

What does Chevrolet say about the new 2024 Corvettes just sitting?

Google Maps image of Pontiac holding lot where Corvettes are
Google Maps image of Pontiac holding lot | Google

So, questions, frustrations, and posting on Corvette forums is becoming increasingly common. And it begins to look similar to the early 2020 Corvette launch. In that case, complete Corvettes went to Roush Engineering in Livonia, Michigan. GM has never said what that detour was all about. 

The common thread in both of these instances is that GM is mum about many moves and decisions it makes. Some of this may have to do with privacy issues for owners and security purposes. One could speculate that if Corvette shipment details get into the wrong hands, there is always the possibility of something bad happening. 

How long have the 2024 Corvettes been sitting?

A gang of new 1956 Corvettes at racetrack with Chevrolet executives
A gang of new 1956 Corvettes at a racetrack | Keystone/Getty

The holding lot is at 3810 Campus Drive in Pontiac. When we pulled it up from Google Maps, you can see the lot does have a tremendous amount of vehicles sitting there. The image was from before 2024 Corvette production began, and it is too hard to determine what, exactly, those vehicles are. 

According to the forums, most of these sitting Corvettes have been there for over a month. When we find out more, we’ll update this post. 


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