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If you haven’t seen videos of Mustangs spinning out and leaving a local Cars & Coffee event, there are a million of them to view, including those below. The same can be said for Camaros and Chargers, too. Well, now a Cars & Coffee in Texas is banning those specific cars from future gatherings because of “burnouts and revving.”

To some, it is elitist. But you can’t deny watching drivers peel out of these events one after one. Drivers get to show off, bystanders whoop and holler, and everyone has a chuckle. That is until the driver loses control and smacks a curb, tree, oncoming car, or worse. 

Why do Cars & Coffee events ban Camaros, Mustangs, and Chargers?

So, a group that organizes one of these Saturday morning events has seen enough. They’re banning these cars with the announcement, “Due to this morning’s burnouts and revving, we will be temporarily banning all Mustangs, Chargers, and Camaros. We keep asking for cooperation to reduce this behavior and have signs posted.”

The obvious concern is that these exhibitions of speed occurrences will lead to authorities shutting down the event. It has happened at similar events in other parts of the country. In Houston, one Cars & Coffee event continues at its fourth location after getting the boot at its previous locations over similar illegal activities.

Don’t other models crash, too?

But it is happening everywhere. Some close, some move around, and others lead to private meet-ups for certain like-minded owners. Granted, there can be other reasons for closing up one of these events, like littering or getting too big for the venue. But the issue most associated with closing down these events is over illegal activities like speeding and reckless driving. 

Other makes are culprits, too, not just the aforementioned brands. Some Lamborghini drivers just love to rev their engines coming into an event. And there are many others. It will be interesting to see if this latest move can have an effect on revving and the other nonsense that happens. 

What shouldn’t you do at a Cars & Coffee?

If you’re wondering what you shouldn’t do at a C&C event, we’ll give you the top five. No engine revving, loud music, burnouts, donuts (not the ones you eat), or speeding. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious, and reflecting on how one can get a ticket or worse, doing it in the street. 

As we’re sure is the case in other areas, in our Los Angeles/Orange County area, there are a huge amount of C&C events that mostly happen on Saturday mornings. So, all is not lost if your local one happens to stop occurring for the reasons we mentioned above. There are others you can attend with your car. But you’ll jeopardize the others should you do any of the above. 


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