And Now Here’s The 2-Door/4-Door 2021 Bronco

Within hours of posting leaked images of the Ford Bronco Sport, two images appeared on the interweb. It’s the 2021 full-size two- and four-door Bronco. Or we think it is. It looks a bit photoshopped so we’re not completely sure. The four-door looks very similar to the Sport-maybe too similar. It raises a couple of thoughts. First, why couldn’t Ford have differentiated between the two better? Maybe we’ll see the difference more once they are plying down the road. The second is that we were all hoping the proportions would be more like the original Bronco. We’ll explain.

The original Bronco had an endearing quality the modern version needs

2021 Ford Bronco fourdoor
2021 Ford Bronco four-door

The original Bronco had an endearing quality that for most had to do with the proportions. The beltline was high and the top a bit low. And overall it was short and not as wide as a stock F-100 pickup of the time. That gave it a cool look that has endured to today and is partly why it is in such demand. 

If this is the 2021 Bronco it lacks that important feature. Instead, the beltline takes a dip down at the A-pillar and comes back up behind the rear door on the four-door or as the door terminates on the two-door. 

The beltline on the original Bronco was an honest line running through the body front to back

That one little detail does not help the design. The beltline on the original was just an honest, straight line that dipped down at the front. Why the designers couldn’t have stuck with the beltline running straight through the body probably has to do with the removable door nonsense. 

If Ford compromised the beltline for that feature it blew it. Or maybe it could make it optional so for those that care more for the looks than the function they could opt for fixed doors that go up to the beltline. That way a feature they don’t want doesn’t compromise the whole look of the vehicle. We are pretty sure there is no option, just so you know. You live with the dippy beltline no matter what.

We’d like to see the version of the Bronc without the plastic flairs

2021 two-door Bronco
2021 two-door Bronco

While we like the flairs over the wheel openings we’d love to see the stripper version without that feature again, like the original. Just to compare. Sometimes the stripped versions are less cluttered than the loaded ones. It may be an example of personal preference. 

The two-door image is definitely of a clay model so it may be the version released for tooling but we can’t be sure. The best thing for Ford to do now that the cats are both out of their bags is to release images that portray the Bronco in the colors, settings, and with the features, it feels will best sell the vehicle. These are not the best. 

They always say a first impression is the most important

So, c’mon Ford. Let’s see this the way you want us to see it. They always say (whoever they are) a first impression is the most important. Also, if you’re waiting for the Chicago or New York Auto Shows to show us they’ll probably be closed as a result of the coronavirus scare. So there probably won’t be a show to hold it for so just show us.