Is This a Better Look at the Upcoming Ford Bronco?

Although the Ford Bronco R couldn’t stand on the Baja 1000 podium, the rally truck did at least preview some details about the upcoming SUV. Not to mention demonstrate some of the off-the-shelf components potential owners could use to make their own rally Bronco. But still, beyond a few patents and one bare-metal spy shot, we haven’t really seen what the SUV will look like. But an artist on Instagram has made a new Ford Bronco render—it might not be the real thing, but it is one step closer.

What is this new Ford Bronco render?

Ford Bronco moaoun_moaoun render
Ford Bronco moaoun_moaoun render | Mo Aoun via Instagram

Instagram user moaoun_moaoun, aka artist Mo Aoun, has rendered off-road vehicles before. And it appears that the artist spent some time developing this new Ford Bronco render. They created several early prototypes before showing off this final version.

According to Motor1 and Autoevolution, Mo Aoun took inspiration both from the Bronco R as well as the original 2018 Bronco teaser. In addition, the new render’s grille draws from the first-gen Bronco’s. And just like the original models, this new Ford Bronco render has a squared-off body.

Mo Aoun also showed off their off-roading passion. The render includes a triple-wiper to better clean off mud and bugs. And it appears to have a solid front axle, which is better for low-speed rock-crawling.

How accurate is this new Ford Bronco render to the real thing?

As a rally SUV, trying to tie the Bronco R to a production version is rather difficult. However, overall, moaoun_moaoun’s render does match Motor1’s baby Bronco spy shot, at least in profile.

Ford Bronco R race prototype
Ford Bronco R race prototype | Ford

In addition, the new Ford Bronco render includes what appears to be removable doors and roof panels. Ford filed several patents detailing such features, which appear to be destined for the Bronco lineup.

2020 Ford Bronco detachable doors
2020 Ford Bronco detachable doors | Ford

Ford has not detailed anything about the Bronco’s suspension. But, with how closely the Bronco and next-gen Ranger appear to be related, a solid front axle seems somewhat unlikely. The Ranger currently has independent front suspension, and fitting an entirely new suspension setup for just one part of a platform lineup would be expensive. In addition, solid axles can compromise on-road behavior, which is partially why the new Chevy Tahoe and Suburban went to IRS.

What else do we know about the Bronco?

2020 Jeep Wrangler EcoDiesel | FCA
2020 Jeep Wrangler EcoDiesel | FCA

With its size, four-wheel drive, and removable roof and doors, the Bronco will compete closely with the Jeep Wrangler. Autoevolution expects the Ford will cost roughly the same as the Jeep.

Ford’s patents and trademark claims also indicate the possibility of a convertible pickup Bronco, as well as a pickup baby Bronco. The baby Bronco, Motor1 claims, may be called the ‘Bronco Sport’. However, Ford also holds the ‘Black Diamond’ trademark. Perhaps this will be a truly hard-core off-roader, in the vein of Jeep’s Rubicon models?

Ford Bronco R race prototype
Ford Bronco R race prototype | Ford

Because of its Baja class, we do know the Bronco will offer a V6. Ford’s 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 seems the most likely. However, as Motor1 describes, it’s possible the Bronco may receive the Ranger’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder. Regardless, both engines link to Ford’s 10-speed automatic, which should be the main transmission option.

Competing with the Wrangler may also mean Ford could release a hybrid Bronco sooner than expected. Jeep already offers a ‘mild hybrid’ Wrangler, and plug-in hybrid test mules have also been spotted. With a hybrid Bronco allegedly part of a supposed Bronco lineup, it would give Ford some even footing in the market.

As for the new Ford Bronco render, it’s still too soon to tell exactly how accurate it will be. But as artists like Mo Aoun demonstrate, it’s clear a lot of fans are waiting for the SUV.