The American Coach Patriot Is a Great RV for Beginners

The pandemic has turned the world upside-down, but RV sales are better than ever. Many people who’ve never driven an RV before suddenly have the urge to hit the road, and they’re looking for a new camper to do so in. If you’re new to driving an RV, you might want to start with something smaller, like the American Coach Patriot.

It’s smaller than other RVs, meaning that parking and turning are much simpler. It also boasts some nice features for a smaller camper van. The Patriot is so impressive, in fact, that it made The Dyrt’s list of best campers for beginners.

The American Coach Patriot is easy to drive

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The American Coach Patriot is a Class B camper van. Because of its smaller size, it’s much easier to drive and park than a giant motorhome. Plus, Class Bs are safer because they have “stability control and front airbags,” along with “seat belts for multiple passengers,” Consumer Reports says.

If you’re not ready for van life, you might want to look elsewhere. But don’t be hasty in overlooking the Patriot. It’s the perfect vehicle if you’ve never driven a full-sized motorhome. If you find you like the American Coach Patriot and want something larger, you can always trade up later.

The American Coach Patriot’s other benefits

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One of the greatest things about the American Coach Patriot is there are many ways to customize it. It offers six floor plans, giving you plenty of options for how you want your living quarters to look. Some come with loft beds, so you can take a snooze when you park. 

The exterior is available in jet black, arctic white, or metallic silver. You can also choose your sofa’s color and the cabinets’ and countertops’ design.

And though it’s not the biggest on the block, the Patriot boasts plenty of room for a camper van. According to American Coach, the exterior dimensions are 290 inches long, 95.5 inches wide, and 118 inches tall. The interior height is 74 inches. 

You’ll also find extra goodies to make life on the road more comfortable, like an HDMI input to the main TV, multiple 110-volt outlets and USB 12-volt chargers, a 230-watt rooftop solar charging system, and a rear backup camera system.

The Patriot’s downsides

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There’s only one real reason why you might not want the American Coach Patriot. Despite all its amazing features, or perhaps because of them, this camper van is expensive. In fact, for many families, it’s out of their price range.

The Patriot starts around $130,000 and can exceed $170,000. That’s not cheap by any stretch. That being said, it’s built on a Mercedes-Sprinter chassis, so this camper van has a luxury pedigree.

Though the 2021 American Coach Patriot isn’t for everyone, it’s perfect if you’re looking for an easy-to-navigate RV.

“As a Class B campervan, it’s no more difficult to drive or park than a minivan. For this reason, some families choose this as their soccer tournament van, and hobby climbers make this into their hobby vehicle of choice,” The Dyrt reports. “It’s also perfect for individuals and couples who want to participate on the celebrated social media hashtag #vanlife, but don’t want to build out the van from scratch themselves.”