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In the SUV era, Kia still does a brisk business with its sedans. The Forte is the most popular Kia car and the second-best-selling model in the lineup after the Sportage compact SUV. It even beats the award-winning Telluride SUV. The affordable Kia Forte has many great qualities, including this car’s resale value. 

2023 Kia Forte popular Kia car; car resale value and depreciation
2023 Kia Forte | Kia

Kia sales data shows the Forte’s popularity has grown by 18% this year. The best-selling Kia car sold 73,065 units in the first half of 2023.

Despite sharing a similar base price with the Forte, the Kia Soul moved fewer than 40,000 units in the first six months of this year. The Forte also outsold some of Kia’s newest models, including the Seltos and EV6 crossover SUVs. The Kia K5, even with its sporty appeal, is another model that couldn’t keep pace with the Forte’s popularity.

The affordable Kia Forte also has excellent resale value

Dashboard in a 2023 Kia Forte, the most popular Kia car with great resale value
2023 Kia Forte | Kia

After five years, the average Kia Forte depreciates by 21%, CarEdge estimates. Depreciation is defined by how much of a car’s original value is lost over time. Age aside, cars also depreciate as they rack up more miles and repair issues. 

The Kia Forte’s resale value only gets higher with each passing year. Owners can usually earn back as much as they paid for a 2022 Kia Forte if they decide to sell it. That’s an average of $26,120 back in your pocket. J.D. Power also praises the Kia Forte for its resale value, giving it a score of 84/100. 

Also, CarEdge says the Kia Forte is cheap to maintain. Frote drivers pay around $566 for annual maintenance during the fifth year of ownership. Kia maintenance costs tend to be lower because Kia has a generous warranty. Basic coverage is for five years or 60,000 miles, and the powertrain warranty is for 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

What is the average car resale value?

Kelley Blue Book says a good car resale value is usually between 60% and 75% after the first five years. Despite CarEdge’s data, the Kia Forte didn’t earn a KBB Best Resale Value Award this year. The 2023 Honda Civic reportedly has the best estimated resale price among compact cars, retaining over 62% of its value after 60 months.

Remember that each source has different parameters for testing, which could explain the Forte’s absence from the KBB list. Also, CarEdge creates its average resale estimates based on multiple model years. With more data to consider, any given car’s resale value will be slightly higher than estimates based on a single model year. 

CarEdge also assumes a used Kia Forte has a particular mileage after five years. If you want a more accurate estimate, try this Edmunds appraisal tool. It’ll ask you several questions about the condition of your Kia car, so be honest if you want the most accurate results. Even the tiniest rip in the upholstery could decrease a vehicle’s value. Also, missing interior parts, damaged exterior panels, and lingering cigarette odors can lower the trade-in value. 

Even a 2023 Kia Forte can have a high depreciation rate if the car is treated poorly. The best way to retain a car’s value is to keep it as close to its original condition as possible. Clean the interior regularly, and keep the car parked in a garage to avoid weather damage. Also, keep up with regular maintenance appointments and limit driving when possible.