2021 Kia Forte in blue sitting on a highway in front of a woodland background numerous green trees and foliage.
2021 Kia Forte | Kia

The Kia Forte is known as the most affordable car on the market. Even as the price climbs with each of the five bumps in trim level, the price tag doesn’t seem bad. It is a great compact car for younger buyers such as teens or college studies as an excellent first car. With its sporty features across the car’s body and in the interior, it is a great affordable option for those wanting a little something extra.

The model comes as a manual transmission or a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), which aids in its excellent drivability. The interior is full of technologically advanced features and standard safety features. The car is also known for its great fuel economy, which adds to the lure of those seeking out their first car. If you are looking for a reliable car for the daily commute that won’t break the bank on gas mileage and give you a comfortable ride, it might be worth looking at a Forte.

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  • 2022 Kia Forte (Starting MSRP: $17,890)
  • Pro:  The model has great gas mileage with an interior and exterior that gives off a sporty feel.
  • Con: Being a compact car, it isn’t easy to fit taller individuals in it.
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