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If you’re looking for the cheapest SUVs sold today, you can’t beat China. The range of prices, features, and possibilities for these Chinese SUVs seems almost endless. Plus, it’s a crack-up just looking at all of them, wondering how good or bad they must really be to drive. But make no mistake, every one of these new babies is for sale and waiting to deliver on your cheap SUV dreams.

The main thing to keep in mind is that some will need assembly. All of them are EVs, and most aren’t capable of speeds much over 25 mph. That, unfortunately, limits their effective use and ability to register them for driving on public roads. Knowing those caveats, let’s look at some of these SUV bargains.


Green UNI mini SUV
Green UNI mini SUV | UNI

A minimal SUV needs a minimal name, so “UNI” certainly fits. Called an electric “adult mini car,” it is made by the Jiangsu Jinpeng Group, Ltd. Prices for the handsome SUV start at $5,988, shipping not included. 

It features a range of 62 to 124 miles, which isn’t terrible. The single motor cranks out 98 hp from a 50 to 100 kWh motor, which also doesn’t seem bad for such a small, cheap car, though it does seat four. 

OEM single-passenger EV

Front 3/4 view of OEM EV
OEM single-seat EV | OEM

Yes, these inexpensive EVs have short, three-letter names. The OEM is for those looking for really cheap transportation. And while it compromises how many people it will haul, it offers some cargo space for birthday cakes or for bringing along your dog. But it can only be you and your dog as the OEM seats only one person. 

But with a starting price of $2,500, who needs passengers? Maximum speed is 34 mph, with power from a 12-volt battery. We never said these EVs were state-of-the-art, did we? At least if the battery poops out, a new replacement won’t ruin your bank account. 

Changli New Energy SUV

White Changli mini SUV
Changli mini SUV | Changli

Another bargain, the New Energy list price is $1,981. It uses lead acid batteries for 30 kWh and a 55-mile range. The good news is that fast charging takes under five hours. With a 78.7-inch wheelbase, this thing is small but efficient. You’ll have little trouble finding a parking place. 

The range is between 44 and 80 miles, which is more than enough for around-town driving or just enjoying a cruise along the beach. However, we’re puzzled by this last bit, “There were lights indoors and with a curtain, even if the rain will not get wet.” See what we mean?

Chery QQ EV

Pink Chery mini SUV
Chery mini SUV | Chery

Cheri is a well-known manufacturer of EVs. We snuck the QQ into this mix even though its price goes slightly higher than our limit at $6,900. But it offers things like a lithium-ion battery, a range of up to 125 miles, and almost 74 lb-ft of torque. 

The QQ can hold up to four passengers, so it is a roomy Chinese SUV for sure. It features a three-speed automatic transmission, too. Why an EV needs that many gears is not explained. We’re surprised to see it has ABS and electronic stability control. Chery also says the sunroof is standard equipment. 

Mangia mini SUV EV

Mangia mini SUV front 3/4 view
Mangia mini SUV EV | Mangia

The smart-looking Mangia is a four-seat SUV for the bargain price of only $3,110. It almost has the proportions of a typical SUV, though it is not nearly as big. The wheelbase is a short 78.7 inches. But it seats four passengers. 

It also comes in three trims: Standard, Comfort, and Ultimate Edition. C’mon, why not splurge and go for the Ultimate Edition? Impress your friends when you tell them you “bought a top-of-the-line SUV.” The five-door SUV features four-wheel disc brakes, USB ports, electric windows, a central infotainment screen, and “warm air.”

More Chinese trucks and SUVs can be found on the Chinese supersite Alibaba.


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