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Adam LZ is the owner of his self-titled Youtube channel with over 3.6 million subscribers and is a professional driver for the Formula Drift racing series. Adam has announced he will take some time away from the Formula Drift season in 2023. Formula Drift, or FD, is a professional drift series in the United States. The Youtube personality and businessman joined the RTR drift team for an entire season last year. In an effort to have more time for other projects, Adam is stepping away for the 2023 season.

Who is Adam LZ?

Adam LZ FD Long Beach Mustang RTR
Adam LZ FD Long Beach 2022 | Getty Images

Adam LZ is a Youtube personality who started making BMX videos in his backyard. Today, Adam is a professional drift driver competing in FD, a business mogul, and a car collector. His most recent endeavor was purchasing a property called the “compound,” where he can create content around his vehicles and life. In the professional driving aspect of his life, Adam began competing in Formula Drift with an Enjuku-sponsored Nissan Silvia S15 during the 2020 season.

Announced for the 2022 season, Adam LZ joined the RTR Drift Team, continuing his relationship with Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea Denofa. In his debut season with RTR, he had consistent top-32 finishes. Adam finished off the season at Irwindale with a top 4 placement. Adding up all the points put him at 25th overall for the season. Not bad for a debut with a brand-new car and team.

Is Adam LZ part of RTR?

Adam LZ FD Long Beach Mustang
Adam LZ FD Long Beach 2022 | Getty Images

In his most recent video, Adam is at the RTR headquarters with Vaughn Gittin Jr. During the walkthrough of the headquarters, Vaughn and Adam talk about the upcoming 2023 season in front of an RTR Mustang chassis. Adam says that to get some time back into his schedule; he will be competing only in half of the season for Formula Drift. A full FD schedule is 8 rounds, starting in April and ending in October.

While there is a lot of time between some of the rounds, there is still scheduled time for practice, demos for sponsors, and other obligations that fund the program. Adam LZ is not leaving the RTR team, but more so, taking a step away to focus on his content for the Youtube channel and his businesses.

What is RTR Vehicles?

RTR is an overarching brand started by Vaughn Gittin Jr. in 2009. The company focuses on designing, developing, and manufacturing OEM+ performance packages for popular Ford vehicles. Of course, the main chassis that RTR develops is the Ford Mustang. For over a decade, Vaughn used a Ford Mustang as his professional drift chassis. The partnership with Ford allowed Vaughn to create his brand and begin the RTR business. The company now provides body kits, engine packages, suspension packages, or a complete overhaul of the Mustang, Bronco, and Ranger.

Will Adam LZ come back to Formula Drift full-time?

As for the future of Adam’s full-time FD career, it is still up in the air. Since the series is not his main focus or source of income, it is hard to justify the time commitment. However, considering his last finish at Irwindale, Adam is undoubtedly competitive with his RTR Mustang. Hopefully, this half-season will keep his performance up and allow for more top-level finishes.


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