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Skate parks used to be for kickflips and 360 Tre flips. You know, fun with skateboards. But now we’ve got skaters getting crazy trying to out trick everyone else. Take this Acura MDX owner. He decided that rather than perform a grind with his board, he’d try with his Acura. No, we’re not making this up, because we have the images to prove it.

Now you know why he tried this, but we don’t really know why he tried this. Because thinking it through, even if you imagine the outcome, it doesn’t mean you do it. Because it won’t work. Ever.

We know why, but we don’t know why

So the video, first reported by Tire Meets Road, shows the MDX inching up to the coping at Memorial Skate Park in Colorado Springs. The driver is a grown adult. Just before launching into the bowl, it is balancing on two tires. 

Then, down he goes, scraping the underside of the car as it high-centers the coping, ending in a flourish of ripped-off bumper noises. The driver then swings the Acura around inside the bowl. He appears to be muttering, obviously embarrassed by the whole experience. 

The Acura MDX incurred multiple areas of damage

If you check out the front fender, it has a vertical dent in it. We’re not sure if that happened when the Acura was high-centered, or if it was there already? The rockers look like they took on damage as well. And then, that was all. The dude got out of the bowl and drove away. 

The video has been shared many times, especially with the skateboard groups. They’re upset about the disrespect shown to the park, which is almost always funded by taxpayers. So it is the destruction of public property. Not to mention what might have happened if anyone was in the bowl when the MDX launched into it. 

This happened before, just not with an Acura MDX

The crazy thing is that this wasn’t the first time a car ended up inside a skate park in Colorado. Another video was circulated in 2021 showing a Denver incident where a driver totally lost control of his Can-Am Spider inside of another bowl with many skateboarders in it. You can see him hanging onto the handlebars to try and gain some control. But you can also see it aiming for one skater in particular. There could have been a serious accident, or worse.

The driver must have received some minor injuries from his skate bowl escapades. That, and embarrassment from everyone and anyone with half their wits about them seeing it live or in the vid. Again, we would suggest that just because you can doesn’t mean you should. 

Acura MDX
Acura MDX in skate park bowl | Instagram

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The only other thing we can add is why the management at these skateboard parks isn’t policing these incidents more aggressively. There must be rules against driving a vehicle into a skate bowl. Or are there? The fencing around most skate parks prevents anything larger than a lounge chair from getting into the park. Maybe better fencing would prevent those with wild schemes from deciding they’ll try it out?